Tutorial: How to Add Waves to Asian Hair

Eunice Lucero | 22 November 2016

Structured is the new beachy.

Contrary to popular belief, Asian hair comes in a whole lot of textures. Although thick, straight hair is the stereotypical look and feel of Asian hair, there are also those with wavy and curly hair, making this ethnic hair group more diverse than you think! In general however, Asian hair strands are typified as being thicker yet lighter in density than other hair types. As such, it may sometimes prove harder to hold more shapely styles—such as waves and curls—or texturize this hair type without a perm.

Not to say you’re doomed to sporting straight locks forever, of course. Read on for a quick guide on styling Asian hair with some pretty, all-occasion waves, that has a stronger, longer-lasting structure without the help of any chemical processes.

Tutorial: How to Add Waves to Asian Hair

how to style asian hair red structured waves
Asian hair looks fabulous when rendered with some texture (and color!). Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Step 1: Start on clean, freshly washed hair.

A wavy look holds best on hair that’s responsive to a bit of texturizing. Prepping hair with a system that fosters some flowing volume and lightweight texture, such as TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Shampoo and TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Conditioner, is an optimal way to start your styling process. Rinse well and towel-dry your hair.

Step 2: Prep with a foam.

Apply a small amount of styling foam—we like the soft, bouncy result from TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam—to the palms of your hands and spread evenly throughout hair. Proceed to thoroughly dry with a flat brush and a blowdryer on a medium heat setting, until hair is at least 90% dry. This ensures your hair holds more structure once curled.

Step 3: Section your hair.

Split hair into top and bottom sections by taking the end of a rat-tail comb and separating hair off from the top of one ear, then across the head to the other. For the bottom sections, split hair into at least three smaller sections: left, middle and right (Note: Do more sections if your hair is thicker.). Decide how you want to part your hair, and split the top sections accordingly, leaving the hairline for last. Clamp each one up and away from the face.

Step 4: Start curling with your bottom sections.

Unravel one side section from the bottom. Using a 1 1/4” curling iron, hold the iron horizontally (and not vertically) for a more structured, on-trend wave. Curl hair upwards the barrel in around three to four twists, leaving an inch free at the ends. Hold for around 8 seconds, then gently release. Repeat on the rest of your bottom sections, going across the back of the head to the opposite side. Aim for twirling up in the same direction for a more structured wave that’s easier to align.

how to style asian hair with structured waves
Curling horizontally instead of vertically gives a softer, yet more long-lasting shape. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Step 5: Curl your top sections.

Repeat the horizontal-curling process your top sections, leaving the hairline or fringe area for last.

Step 6: Brush out your curls.

Gently brush out your waves with a flat brush—doing so will help you align your waves with more precision.

Step 7: Finish with hairspray.

Mist hair with an even coat of hairspray that offers touchable, frizz-free hold, such as Nexxus New York Salon Care Comb Thru Finishing Mist. You’re all set!

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