Thin Hair Problems: 4 Styles to Consider

Finding a style that suits you is easier than you think.

Guys dealing with thin hair problems (not to be confused with thinning hair problems) may be at a loss when it comes to styling their strands. What’s the best way to to make the most of your hair when there doesn’t seem to be very much to work with? Guys with thin hair problems aren’t nearly as limited as they might think when it comes to finding a hairstyle that works for them. Keep reading for four styles to consider and to find out which products will help you nail these looks.

Thin Hair Problems and Styles That Work

thin hair problems curly wavy hair
This mousse will add texture to even the limpest strands.

1. Focus on Texture

One way to manage thin hair is by bringing the focus somewhere else entirely. Instead of worrying about the thickness of your strands, try focusing on the texture of your hair. A few pumps of mousse, like Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse combed through your damp hair will give hair of any length and thickness a little extra volume and wave.

thin hair problems straight hair gray
A matte finish will create the appearance of thicker hair.

2. Blur Effect

Choosing a hairstyle with a matte finish will give your hair a blur effect and create the appearance of thickness. A little bit of AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel goes a long way. Combing your hair up and away from your face will give you a ‘done’ look, without going overboard.

thin hair problems bald
This style is potentially the sleekest of them all.

3. Shave Your Hair

While shaving all your hair off isn’t even remotely your only option, there is something bold and daring about going for a clean shaven look. This style requires the least maintenance as far as products go and overall it’s easy to keep up with.

thin hair problems gray hair long beard
Regardless of your age, this style is timeless.

4. Create a Timeless Hairstyle

There’s something timeless about a deep part and the effortless way undone hair falls. Keeping your strands fresh with Suave Men 3in 1 Hair & Body Citrus Rush and forget any styling products. Minimal styling routines are a priority these days and we’re all about encouraging a regimen that does what it needs to do without wasting your time.

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