Tutorial: How to Create a Modern Quiff

The key: a more natural-looking hairline.

modern quiff short fade


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A classic quiff style is hair that’s been brushed up from the forehead. Seems like a pretty classic description, but we’d love to take it a notch further. Presenting the modern quiff for men: Like a regular quiff hairstyle (but, of course, better), it features a more natural crest at the front and a back and sides that are gently faded. We’ve been seeing a lot of versions of this more natural modern quiff on the runways and on the streets, particularly on men with wavy and curly hair.

Men’s hair trends are moving towards more natural hairlines. The modern quiff will have less of the exaggerated, brushed-high front fringe, and more of an allover messy texture up front. Read on to learn more about how to style it below:

The Natural-Looking Modern Quiff

modern quiff short blonde hair
The short modern quiff: a high and tight fade meets a brushed up hairline. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Step 1: Start with washed hair.

Start your modern quiff by creating some natural body by rinsing off any product buildup. We like the tingly-fresh scent of AXE Dual 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner. Rinse thoroughly and towel-dry.

Step 2: Blow-dry your hair.

Using your fingers, rough-dry hair with a blowdryer on a medium heat setting. Need tips on creating body at the roots? Click here for our special blow-dry tutorial on men’s hair lengths.

Step 3: Use a hair wax or paste.

Take a finger-swipe amount of hair wax (we like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste), then rub the product between your palms. Next, rake both your hands through your hair from root to tip, giving your modern quiff a slight upwards tug.

Step 4: Refine your angle.

With a blowdryer in one hand, wiggle the nozzle at the base of your hairline as you mold the front of your hair towards your desired angle. Keep it as rumpled as you can get away with—the modern quiff is all about a natural bedhead, versus a sleek pompadour-like effect. Note: This blowdrying step shouldn’t take more than a few seconds and helps lock in volume at the root.

Step 5: Mat down the sides and back.

With any leftover product, smooth down your fade on the sides and back to finish off your look. Your modern quiff is done!

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You Will Need

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