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One of the most popular hair lengths for men, medium hair offers a perfect balance of professionalism and sophistication, without being too long or too short. Discover more about medium-length hair in our tutorials, hair galleries and more.

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The versatility of medium hair allows for many different options when it comes to styling your hair. Depending upon your mood, it’s easy to transform your hair into a modern undercut, an elevated quiff, or perhaps an early stage of a pulled-back man bun. Even though your hair isn’t completely unruly, nor too long, there is still maintenance that is going to need to occur when styling your hair in the morning. Products such as a pomade or wax will help you to achieve a multitude of looks you never thought imaginable.


With all of the different styles and ways to groom and maintain your hair length through video tutorials and how-to guides, the variety will allow you to continue to shake up your look allowing you the freedom to change as many times as you feel.

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