10 Best Emo Haircuts and Hairstyles for Guys in 2021

Dramatic yet flattering ways to wear an emo hairstyle.

It’s no secret that emo hairstyles for guys tend to be on the more dramatic side. These looks include bold colors and noticeable layers, and can definitely be categorized as attention-grabbing. That said, narrowing down the options to emo hairstyles for guys that are flattering and current can be a bit of a challenge.

If you’re looking for relevant and trendy ways to wear this look, then read on for some of our best ideas:

1. Subtle Side Bangs

emo hairstyles for guys subtle dark side bangs
Keep it subtle and a little sweet.

If you’re looking to ease into the emo trend and dip your toes in before you fully commit, then you will want to consider this subtle style. Side-swept side bangs paired with a clean-cut feel will give an emo streak to a mainstream style.

2. All Spiked Up

emo hairstyles for guys spiked up
Consider a gravity-defying style.

Ask your stylist for scattered red highlights and pair them with a gravity-defying spiked up look for a classic emo style. This look is as emo as it gets with both spiky volume and colorful highlights.

3. Subtle Spikes

emo hairstyles for men subtle spikes
Go for a subtle rendition of an emo hairstyle. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Go for a subtle homage to spiked hair with a little bit of gel, like Dove Men + Care Well Defined Taming Gel, to hold the look in place. Hair gel plays an essential role in gravity-defying styles like these.

4. Side-Swept Bangs

emo hairstyles for guys sideswept bangs
Grow your bangs long and shaggy.

Opt for a full set of grown-out bangs and sweep them to the side for a mysterious and punk rock-esque emo look. Keep your strands longer in the front and back for an all-over shaggy look.

5. Red Highlights

emo hairstyles for guys medium length highlighted
A color that makes any style more emo.

Scattered red highlights offer a hint of emo to any style. It’s an easy way to get in on the trend without going overboard in the styling department. Simply have your stylist incorporate some red strands into any hairstyle.

6. Overgrown Layers

emo hairstyles for guys layers
Let it grow and grow. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Determined to keep your hair long? Grow your hair out into long and choppy layers to maintain the length of your coveted strands.

7. Long and Layered

emo hairstyles for guys long and layered
Go for the long, choppy layers. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Give your long style a dramatic emo edge by adding some choppy layers at the bottom for an even bigger statement.

8. Overgrown On Top

emo hairstyles for guys curly
Go for the overgrown look. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Create the classic overgrown on top emo style by adding a touch of Dove Men+Care Control Gel to give it subtle definition and hold. This look is messy yet controlled and the perfect addition to any emo look.

9. Fauxhawk

emo hairstyles for guys fauxhawk

Use a dime-sized amount of gel to style your hair into a fauxhawk. This style is and will always be an emo hairstyles for guys staple. Messy and easy, this emo look is one for the books.

10. Comb Over

emo hairstyles for guys combed over
Sweep it all to one side.

Flip all of your hair over to one side and comb the style into place for a grown-up emo style. Use Dove Men + Care Thick + Full Shaping Putty to add easy volume to your strands.

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