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One of the hottest hairstyles that we’ve seen in recent years is the fade haircut. This meticulously groomed look has been seen on men all over, as it is a classic, wear-anywhere style that suits a myriad of face shapes and textures. This style is characterized by a gradual thinning or "fading" of the hair (usually from the crown or top of the head until right above the ears) via clippers or shears, creating a nice, clean look that's fit for all occasions.

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While it is a simple style for men to replicate, there’s still a lot of room to customize and make this haircut truly your own. Depending upon your personal preference, there are countless styles of fades, ranging from the classic fade, along with the low, medium and high fade.

The options can feel endless when you’re choosing between having your fade be a scissor fade (only cut with scissors to have a more organic look), or a tapered fade, which includes the techniques used to create an undercut. Who knew that there were so many aspects into creating one of the most popular hairstyles of the decade? Our videos, galleries, tutorials, and team of editors are here to help you to discover a fade that’s perfect for you.

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