Instagroom Day 4: How to Refresh a High Top Fade

Here's a foolproof guide to creating a fresh high top fade hairstyle in under a minute.


As cool as the style looks, if not styled the right way, a high top fade can become a high maintenance look. What do we mean by this? Well, if you have highly textured hair, dealing with a dry texture can lead to breakage. And, if your hair isn’t well moisturized and can cause single strand knots making it hard to detangle and style. We’re sure you’re not up for any of this!

For day four of our Instagroom series, Sorrell is showing you how he keeps his high top fade looking fresh on a daily basis. While Sorrell managed to demonstrate his routine in under a minute, understand that with practice and a routine that works specifically for your hair, you, too can spend less time styling your high top fade. Read on as we unfold Sorell’s quick styling tips for how to refresh a high top fade.



Detangle with an afro pick.

This is the first and most important step in creating a fresh high top fade. You must detangle your hair. Pro tip: If your hair is extremely dry, add some water to a spray bottle and spritz your hair to make it more pliable. Gently pick through with your afro pick all over your hair until it’s tangle-free. If you did use the water trick, we suggest drying your hair first with a blowdryer before moving on to the next step.





Scoop some pomade for styling.

Listen up! Quantity of product is key when it comes to keeping your high top fresh. All you need is just a finger tip amount of Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade and that’s it! Trust us, a little goes a very long way. Too much can make your hair look anything but fresh. Too little…well the same goes for that! And plus, if you keep it up, you won’t be out of product for a very long time! While you can use any pomade you like for your style, this one by Axe helps you create structured styles and allows you to stay in control of your look. You do want to handle your own wheel, right?




Scrunch your hair.

For best results, stick to a scrunching method when applying your pomade. After rubbing the product between your palms to emulsify, scrunch it through the tips of your high top.



Fluff hair at the crown.

Go back in with your afro pick and fluff the crown of your hair to your liking.



Define your texture and curls.

If you like to have a high top fade afro with a little texture or curls, go ahead and twirl pieces of hair between your fingers. This will help enhance the definition of your style.



Final look!

There you have it, your freshest high top hairstyle yet!



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