men's haircut: what to consider

Thinking About Getting a Trendy Men’s Haircut? 5 Things You Should Consider

A game plan makes your next haircut easier. 

Thinking about switching up your style? Getting a fresh men’s haircut is a good way to change your look in just an hour. We know dudes can sometimes get the same haircut on repeat for years. If you are breaking out of your comfort zone for a new style there are a few things you’ll need to think about. Read this list before getting your next men’s haircut.

What To Consider When Getting a New Men’s Haircut

men's haircut what you need to consider
Plan it out before you make the cut

1. What’s your current hair length?

If you’ve been rocking a man bun, you probably have longer than average hair for a dude. This means you can cut your hair into pretty much any style that you want. If you’ve had an undercut or a military style haircut, you may need to allow your hair to grow out a bit before you can totally change your look. Talk to your barber, let him know what haircut you want and he can help you transition your hair to get there.

2. Consider the thickness.

Do you have a lot of thick hair, or is your hair thin? Some men’s haircuts will need thicker hair to be thinned so they can lay correctly. An undercut is also a good option if you have very thick hair. With shaved down sides, you can leave the top long to style however you would like. For thinner hair we recommend haircuts like the comb-over or a clean shaven buzz.

3. How is the cut styled?

If you’re haircut is a combover or a pompadour, you may need to invest in a blowdryer. Read our tutorial on how to blow dry your hair into a combover. If you are going for a clean cut look, you should look into getting your own set of clippers so you can keep your hair trimmed at home. To get a good man bun you will need to get a pack of hair ties so you have enough when they inevitably get lost.

4. Do you have the right products?

For haircuts that you’ll style slicked back or the classic pomp, you’ll need a few styling products. For a shiny effect, use Bed Head For Men By TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel. Conversely, a more retro look will need a pomade for less glossy style and hold. AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade will help you style a classic side part.

5. Consider the daily commitment.

If you want to change up your look to something new, keep in mind how much time it will take to style each day. Are you a wash and go kind of guy? Or are you happy to spend 10 or 15 minutes on your hair every day. If you know that you won’t take the time to style your hair, go for a shorter cut that doesn’t need daily styling. If you like to spend a few minutes on yourself getting ready in the mornings, a longer style may suit you.

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