Square Cut: The Business Casual Haircut of the Season

Miriam Herst | 31 October 2018

If you think “square hair” meant having a boring look, you’re in for a big surprise.

Those of you who have an ear to the ground in the men’s hair world know that the square cut is having a major moment. The classic square haircut is making a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited here at All Things Hair. This handsome cut is one of the sexiest styles we’ve seen in a while, and these modern variations bring this look straight into the season.

Not sure exactly what a square cut is? This one goes out to all the guys with a strong jaw who are looking for a style to flatter it. These haircut and grooming ideas will highlight your square-shaped face for an always-flattering and on-trend look. Thinking about trying the square cut yourself? Read on for some major square hair inspiration:

Square Cut: 16 Ways to Wear this Style

square cut volumized
This is a great way to give the impression of thicker hair.

1. Volumized

Pair a classic square cut with some major volume at the front of your style and fake thicker hair while you’re at it. Swap out your usual shampoo and conditioner for Bed Head for Men by TIGI Charge Up Thickening Shampoo and Bed Head for Men by TIGI Charge Up Thickening Conditioner. This duo helps thicken up your strands and gives you a thicker-looking and more voluminous style.

square cut styled waves
Give your natural waves some definition.

2. Styled Waves

Run your comb under water and brush it through your wavy hair to add a touch of definition to your natural waves.

square cut styled and gelled
A little bit of gel goes a long way.

3. All Gelled Up

Remember that a little bit of hair gel goes a long way! Comb a dime-sized amount of Dove Men+Care Control Gel through the front of your hair to add some styled definition.

square cut stubble
Make a subtle statement with your beard.

4. Minimal Stubble

Pair a classic square cut with minimal stubble for a sexy and still office-appropriate look.

square cut straight cut to the side
Have your barber cut your hair so it styles itself.

5. Cut to the Side

Ask your barber to cut your hair so that the cut naturally parts to one side. This will make your styling routine a breeze and keep your square cut in tip-top shape for weeks at a time.

square cut spiked and short
Keep it short and sleek.

6. Spiked and Short

Keep it short and streamlined with a super short cut.

square cut side swept
Sweep it to the side.

7. Side-Swept

Sweep all your hair to one side for a volumized style that perfectly balances your square-shaped face.

square cut natural waves
Let your hair do what it wants.

8. Natural Waves

Arguably one of the easiest styles and cuts of the roster, this look allows you to celebrate your natural texture and wear your waves as they are.

square cut gelled over
Use hair gel to keep your style in place.

9. Gelled Over

Remember the Dove hair gel we mentioned above? Use a dime-sized amount to create this combed-to-the-side style in just a few seconds.

square cut gelled fade close beard
A new take on an old favorite.

10. The Styled Fade

Give the classic fade a slight upgrade by pairing it with a thick, closely-shaven beard.

square cut five o'clock shadow
Filed under: how to make facial hair office appropriate.

11. Five-o’-Clock Shadow

Opting for just a hint of a five-o’-clock shadow is a great way to keep your facial hair in check and office-appropriate.

square cut falling forward clean shaven
Pair a clean-shaven face with a slightly longer cut.

12. Clean-Shaven

Balance a slightly longer cut with a completely clean-shaven face for a combination that’s sexy while still remaining approachable.

square cut conditioned wavy medium length
Condition, condition, condition.

13. Wavy Length

The number one secret to movie star-worthy strands that feel as soft as they look is incorporating a leave-in conditioning cream into your routine. Run Suave Professionals Avocado+Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Cream through damp strands for hair that’s super soft and healthy.

square cut combed up
Comb your hair up in the front.

14. Combed Up

Use your comb or a basic hairbrush to comb your hair up in the front.

square cut combed to the side
Grow it out and comb it over.

15. Grow it Out

Alternatively, grow it out and wear it combed over for a little bit of dynamic length.

square cut black goatee
Draw attention to your strong jaw with this style.

16. The Goatee

Draw attention to your strong jaw by pairing a short trimmed haircut with a classic goatee.

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