Square Cut: The Business Casual Haircut of the Season

If you think "square hair" meant having a boring look, you're in for a big surprise.

Those of you who have an ear to the ground in the men’s hair world know that the square cut is having a major moment. The classic square haircut is making a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited here at All Things Hair. This handsome cut is one of the sexiest styles we’ve seen in a while, and these modern variations bring this look straight into the season.

Not sure exactly what a square cut is? This one goes out to all the guys with a strong jaw who are looking for a style to flatter it. These haircut and grooming ideas will highlight your square-shaped face for an always-flattering and on-trend look!

15 Haircut Ideas for a Square Face

1. Styled Waves for Square Cut

square cut styled waves
Give your natural waves some definition.

Flatter your face shape by defining your natural waves.

2. All Gelled Up Square Cut

square cut styled and gelled
A little bit of gel goes a long way.

Create shape and hold with your hair by using Dove Men + Care Control Gel.


3. Minimal Stubble

square cut stubble
Make a subtle statement with your beard.

Keep your stubble short to emphasize your square jaw.

4. Cut to the Side

square cut straight cut to the side
Have your barber cut your hair so it styles itself.

Having a style cut to the side will make styling easier.

5. Spiked and Short

square cut spiked and short
Keep it short and sleek.

Want a low maintenance style? Keep it short and sleek.

6. Side Swept

square cut side swept
Sweep it to the side. 

Sweeping your hair to the side is a great way to accentuate your square face shape if you want to.

7. Natural Waves

square cut natural waves
Let your hair do what it wants.

Don’t care much about flattering your specific face shape? Let your hair be wavy and do what it wants.

8. Gelled Over

square cut gelled over
Use hair gel to keep your style in place.

Make sure your hair stays in place all day by gelling it in place.

9. The Styled Fade

square cut gelled fade close beard
A new take on an old favorite.

Want to keep it classic? Opt for a put-together fade.

10. Five O’Clock Shadow

square cut five o'clock shadow
Filed under: how to make facial hair office appropriate.

Sport facial hair at the office with this 5’oclock shadow look.

11. Clean Shaven

square cut falling forward clean shaven
Pair a clean-shaven face with a slightly longer cut.

Don’t want to deal with facial hair? Maintain a clean-shaven look and opt for a little longer length all around.

12. Wavy Length

square cut conditioned wavy medium length
Condition, condition, condition.

Do you have a longer style? Make sure you keep your hair conditioned. We love Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-in Conditioner. This product is great to use because you can easily distribute a quarter-size amount through damp hair and it’ll help you maintain smooth, frizz-free hair all day.


13. Combed Up

square cut combed up
Comb your hair up in the front.

Want all of the focus on your face? Comb the front section of the hair upwards. Use AXE Messy Look Matte Wax to help achieve hold and structure in your style.

14. Grow it Out

square cut combed to the side
Grow it out and comb it over.

If you want more of a combed back look to show off your square face shape, try growing out your hair.

15. The Goatee

square cut black goatee
Draw attention to your strong jaw with this style.

Emphasize your jawline by framing it with a goatee.

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