The Easiest Way to Style and Shape An Afro Fade

Alyssa François | 07 March 2019
afro fade: sponge curls final look
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We’re spilling the secrets to getting the perfectly textured afro haircut.

You ever noticed those guys with perfectly styled and defined afro haircuts? Hate to break it to you, but they definitely didn’t wake up like that. The art of styling an afro fade involves an effective styling technique and the right styling products. And guess what? We’re sharing the formula with you.

Before we get into sharing the best formula for styling your hair, understand that there are some things you can do at night to make your morning styling session quick and easy. Trust us! For one, moisture is key. If you’re not one to wash your hair every day, the steam for your shower is sufficient to soften and add moisture to your hair. After showering, run an oil like coconut oil through your hair to lock in moisture. And two: Consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase to prevent dry, tangled hair. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot more time picking your hair to detangle in the morning. Let’s move on!

Below, Leroy is demonstrating how to shape an afro fade. Those of you that have this style know that when you wake up in the morning, your ‘fro is all bent out of shape. Picking it out isn’t the only way to style and reshape your hair. Read on to discover how you can use Leroy’s styling tips at home to style your afro fade in just 10 minutes or less:

How to Style and Shape an Afro Fade

afro fade: pick hair

Pick hair to detangle before styling.

Using an afro pick, pick your hair to detangle before styling. Here’s a tip: This is best to do after the shower as the steam softens the hair, making it easier to detangle and comb through.

afro fade: apply softening cream

Apply a softening cream and scrunch into hair.

Scoop a finger-tip amount of AXE Natural Look: Softening Control Cream, then rub it between your palms. This particular cream is ideal for creating natural and undone looks, which makes it perfect for creating this natural style on your ‘fro. Using both hands, squeeze the cream into your hair in a scrunching motion to wake your texture up and create your style. This method helps build texture as you reshape your afro fade with your hands.

afro fade: sponge curls

Define curls with a sponge brush.

Oh! So you thought that well-defined texture was just happenstance? Nope! Guys are using tools to help create and define the texture they want. For this look, use a sponge brush on your hair in a circular motion to define your curls. The sponge brush (available at local drugstores and hair supply stores) can help you achieve soft and chunky curls.

afro fade: sponge curls final look

Final look!

There you have it! A well-groomed and super defined afro fade haircut. Try this easy tutorial out on your hair and thank us later!

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