Instagroom Day 15: How to Style a Short Haircut

Get the insider scoop on how to style your hair in no time flat.


If your hair falls into the “stubborn strands” category then you probably gave up on trying to reign them in a long time ago. Wasting precious minutes of your morning routine that you could be spent reading the news, working out or catching up on sleep isn’t exactly our cup of tea, either. But we think you’ll be changing your tune after you check out the latest installment of Instagroom video series. For day 15 of the AXE Instagroom series, Max teaches us how to style a short haircut, managing to streamline this hard-to-style hair type with some easy tips. With the right combination of hair care products and hair techniques, we promise that you’ll be a styling pro in no time! Intrigued?! Keep reading for a quick rundown and video that includes step-by-step instructions on how to style a short haircut with end results that look great for virtually ever occasion, including for work and for relaxing over the weekend. Read on and get to work!

Tutorial: How to Style a Short Haircut for Men


Prep with product.

Almost every great hairstyle starts with a great hair care product. Start off by grabbing a quarter-sized amount of one of our favorites: the Axe Urban Messy Look Flexible Paste. Rub the paste in-between your hands to warm it up and spread it evenly. This product helps you nail a more streamlined version of the messy just-got-out-of-bed look. (Think: off-duty celebrity caught by the paparazzi.) Running the paste through your hair will boost your natural texture and give your hair a more ‘finished’ look, without making it look crunchy and overdone.



Apply the paste.

Applying the product correctly is just as important as choosing the right one. Rake your fingers through the top of your hair a few times and angle your strands towards the back of your head. By rubbing the product in-between your hands before running it through your hair you’ll ensure that it’s evenly distributed and avoid the crunchy look we mentioned above.




Tidy it up.

This final step is important in setting your look for the day. Tidy up your hair by running comb through your just-styled strands. A comb will further reign in even the most stubborn strands and ensure that your look lasts all day long.



The end results are a timeless and sleek style that still manages to be casual and undone. Awesome, right?! Wear this look to work, to a wedding or to drinks with your friends. Consider it to be the chameleon of men’s hairstyles.


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