Natural Hairstyles for Men: 15 Dapper Styles for Textured Hair

None of these looks lack texture or style. 

If we were ever to hear a guy say that he doesn’t know what natural hairstyles work best for him, we’d quickly let him know about the many options he has to choose from. There is no limit when it comes to how you can wear your natural hair texture, keep it curly, pick it out for some ‘fro action or keep it short and sweet! Whatever suits the look and feel you’re going for is all up to you.

Ahead we’re highlighting some of our most favorite natural hairstyles for men. So if you want a curly look, an afro textured style or a super low cut style, your inspiration is all here! Scroll through the gallery above to take a look:

15 Dapper Natural Hairstyles for Men

natural hairstyles for men: afro curls
Carefree afro style.

1. Big Afro With Curls

The beauty of having curly hair, is that you can sleep in your look and ruffle it up to wake the style up. It’s so carefree and easy to manage if you find the right styling techniques that work for you.

natural hairstyles for men: sharp lineup afro
Clean lines with defined curls to match.

2. Shape-Up Cut Afro Style

Pair up an afro style with a  fresh line up for a clean and groomed take on the look.

natural hairstyles for men: skinny dreads
Try skinny light-weight dreads for creating voluminous styles.

3. Skinny Dreadlocks

The heavier your dreadlocks, the harder it is to create voluminous styles like this. Try a lightweight skinny dreadlock style to create afro-inspired hairstyles.

natural hairstyles for men frohawk
Give your natural hair an edgy twist.

4. ‘Fro-Hawk

It’s so easy to create a ‘fro-hawk hairstyle on your natural hair without having to cut anything! Since curly hair tends to shrink after washing, use this to your advantage. Stretch just the middle section of your hair with your fingers or afro pick and leave the sides as is.

natural hairstyles for men: high top
Pick your hair into a cool ’90s high top style.

5. High Top

Looking for natural hairstyles for men that are still classics to this day? Take cues from the ’90s and bring the high top style back to life. Pick it out until your shape is perfect.

natural hairstyles for men: medium curly cut
Style your hair into a neat fro’ on a medium curly cut.

6. Medium Curly Cut

Looking for the right natural short hairstyles for men? You can’t go wrong with the medium-length cut. It’s the perfect length for styling your texture.

natural hairstyles for men: medium cut with fade
A fade at the sides to elevate the look.

7. Medium Cut with Fade

A simple fade at the sides of your hair can make a big difference to your natural short hairstyle. Try this look with sponge curls for texture.

natural hairstyles for men:
Proof a mohawk style is versatile for work or play.

8. Mohawk

The mohawk style is appropriate for work or play. Ask your barber to shave the sides of your hair and the rest is in your hands. Pick your hair out at the top to create a ‘fro, or choose to leave it curly.

natural hairstyles for men: short curly afro
Keep it short and sweet with a short curly ‘fro style.

9. Short Curly Afro

Want to recreate a look like this? Dove Men+Care Control Gel is your friend. Section by section, apply the gel to damp, clean hair to help define your curls. Diffuse or air-dry then fluff for volume.

natural hairstyles for men: picked out afro
Not into the defined afro? Pick it out.

10. Picked-Out Afro

There are no rules as to how you can wear your natural hair. If you rather not wear defined curls, pick it out and play with your texture.

natural hairstyles for men: low fade
Low fade with sponge curls.

11. Low Fade Style

Want a natural hairstyles for men look that will elevate the appearance of a simple haircut style? Spruce up a low fade haircut with itsy-bitsy sponge curls.

natural hairstyles for men: high fade sponge curls
Texture is key in this high fade style.

12. High Fade with Sponge Curls

Want a more modern spin on the high fade? Try this textured version instead. After using a sponge brush to create your curls, use your fingers to twist the ends of your hair to create a pointier finish at the ends.

natural hairstyles for men: clean shaved sides
Classic look for any occasion.

13. Clean Sides

Go for a look that’s different from the rest. We love how these clean-shaven sides put your textured cut on display.

natural hairstyles for men: blonde hair
A pop of color makes a big difference.

14. Blonde Curls

Have a signature haircut that you want to revamp for a change? How about a new hair color? We love how this blonde color makes curly hair textures pop.

natural hairstyles for men: curly fringe
Take your look up a notch with a little fringe action.

15. Fringe Action

Love the look of hair towards your face? Try this iteration of a textured fringe style. Comb your hair forward then apply a gel to define your curls and allow to dry in place.

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