Undercut Hair Tutorial: Learn How to Style an Undercut in Minutes

Get a swaggy undercut hairstyle to keep you looking like you just left the barber.

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At this point, men around the world aren’t strangers to undercut hair. In fact, we’re waging that you, your friends—heck, even your neighborhood barista—have probably all had a version of it at some point in the last two years. No doubt: It’s a look that has swag in spades and, bonus, isn’t all that hard to style either… provided you’ve got the goods. See below for our step-by-step tutorial for how to style undercut hair, and don’t forget to click on the video:

Step 1

Blow-dry your hair with a brush.

Use a vent brush (you know, one with those open slats) for easy drying and to help infuse volume and body at the root of your hair. This is especially true if you’ve just showered (and if so, we love the extra-clean freshness hair gets after a rinse with AXE Phoenix 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner).


blowdry undercut hair
undercut hair with brush
Use a vented brush for easier drying.
Step 2

Rub some pomade between hands.

Take a small finger-swipe or dime-sized drop of pomade, like AXE Signature Smooth Look: Shine Pomade, and rub between your palms. This warms the product up and makes it apply more evenly.



use some pomade to style undercut hair
a finger's swipe of pomade is enough for an undercut hair style
A finger-swipe of shine pomade provides polish and control to an undercut hair style.
Step 3

Rake it back.

Lightly smooth hair back with fingers for a slick, yet still semi-casual finish. Don’t overthink it: Use the tips of your fingers for a slightly rake-y, tousled look.

rake back your undercut hair
rake back your undercut hair with fingers
Finger-style your look with any leftover product on your hands.
Step 4


You’re all set to swag another day. Less than five minutes, and you can make your undercut work for both day and night. High five!



undercut hair final
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