18 Edgy, Cool and Stylish Low Taper Fade Haircuts for Guys

No matter your hair type, there's a tape fade style here for you.

Guys, are you looking for a new haircut style for this season? Why not give low taper fade cuts a whirl? Fade haircut styles like this can be transformed into fun and totally different looks that work on everyone, from clean-cut dudes to those that are a little edgy. From molded cuts to low-buzzed fades, we’ve got you covered. Read on to check out some of our favorite new taper fade haircut trends for guys that are sure to inspire your new look.

1. Comb Over and Low Taper Fade Cuts

taper fade cuts with messy look
The go-to taper fade style for late sleepers. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

When you want to take your undercut, pompadour, or quiff to the next level, sleeking your style off to the side doesn’t require a lot of styling time. To get the look, start by simply applying a strong-hold styling gel onto your damp hair. Then, take a good styling comb and carefully create a deep side part on the top part of your hair. Once you’ve successfully made your part, simply push your hair off to the side with your comb in to get that sleek and sexy look. Finish with some styling spray to keep your hair secure.

2. Tapered Top Fade

taper fade cuts with waves
Undercut, perfectly styled. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For a stylish and slightly shaggy look, try out this tapered top fade. It makes fade haircuts for guys much easier to wear if you don’t like to do a lot of hair styling. Great for virtually every hair type, use some Bed Head by TIGI Hard to Get Texturizing Paste to help mold and sculpt your tapered ‘do.

3. Curly Top Undercut Low Taper Fade Haircut

taper fade cuts: clean fade
Clean taper fade cut. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

The undercut fade is a great way for any guy who wants to rock their natural texture without going for all-out curls. To perfect your natural hair texture, use the Dove Men+Care Control Gel to tame and mold your curls.

4. Low Taper Fade Cuts

side taper fade haircut trends
The tousled look is our favorite. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

We’re all about the military haircut for guys in 2023. Clean and low taper fade haircuts for guys mixed with a buzz make for a confident, strong haircut that will look good on anyone. Wear this cut and stand a little bit taller.

5. Faded Edges

skin fade taper haircut
Clean and neat skin fade style.

We love the look of a longer top haircut with faded edges. This look is extra high contrast making it look particularly dashing. Wear this cut with a classic quiff, or as a tousled crop. You can style both with the Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade.

6. Skin Fade Taper Fade Cuts

taper fade cut style on Asian hair
The perfectly angled scissor fade. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

The bald or skin fade haircuts for guys basically means the fade goes all the way down to your skin. This makes your fade (and hairline) end a little higher up. We like bald fades paired up with a buzz cut like our model above or an extra long pompadour.

7. Scissor Taper Fade Cuts

taper fade haircut style for receding hairline
The receding fade is, dare we say, sexy.

For a much longer faded look, go for the scissor fade. This one is done with, you guessed it, scissors. It makes sure that your long, straight hair sits at a comfortable and obvious angle. This cut is best suited to dudes who like to keep their hair on the medium to the long side.

8. Receding Taper Fade

taper fade cuts with bangs
Long hair on top creates the most contrast. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

If you’re dealing with a receding hairline, try a receding fade taper cut style. Chat with your barber to start your fade based around your hairline. This makes the fade much more flattering and can give you a huge boost in confidence.

9. Long Hair and Short Fade

slicked back taper fade haircut
Slicked-back looks are flattering on angular faces.

One surefire way to make sure your taper fade haircut styles look dapper is to make sure there is some kind of contrast — like this cut! Having longer hair on top and a short fade on the sides makes for a nice contrast, no matter how you style your hair. You’ll see this as a theme throughout the rest of the fade haircut styles we feature. Keeping one part of your hair longer creates that cool-looking contrast.

10. Slicked-Back Undercut and Fade

taper fade and buzz cut mix
Mix up hair a buzz with a taper fade cut for a new look.

Want a slicked-back style to mix with a fade? Make it easy by going for an undercut. Then, just fade the edges of the undercut to make the whole style look more put-together. You can style the longer top section of your hair backward for that cool wet-look style. Use Bed Head For Men by TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel for shine and high hold. Then, run a fine-toothed comb through your hair to create that perfectly refined look.

11. Ultra Short Bald Taper Fade Cuts

long taper fade haircut
Keep the top styled high to fake that contrast. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

An alternative take on the buzz cut fade is this bald fade look. For both styles, you start off with a buzz cut, but for this version, you start the fade much higher, almost like an undercut. The fade starts right around your temples and quickly goes right down to your skin. This look got its bald fade nickname because it goes all the way down to the skin around your ears.

12.  Long Taper Fade Cuts

tapered fade with curly top
Curly haired dudes, this one is for you. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For an overall longer look, try a long-on-top look with a lengthier fade. This look mostly gives the hair on the sides of your head more structure. That makes this haircut ideal for men with coarse hair or hair that is difficult to manage. Because this overall look is pretty long, we like to style it with a matte texture to make it more modern. Use Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream to style your hair up.

13. Curly Crop and Long Taper Fade Cuts

tapered fade cuts with afro
The ‘fro is a go. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Guys with curly hair should definitely keep their cut long enough to make sure their curl structure is shown. This means the long- on-top crop is for you. The crop haircut works well for curly hair because it gives you enough hair to work with. A side fade is super-helpful for curly hair, too. It takes out a lot of that volume that can make your hair look poofy on the sides and back.

14. Extra Long Taper Fade ‘Fro

taper fade on kinky textured hair
We’ll call this the taper fade alpha. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Going for a taper fade doesn’t mean you need to forgo the ‘fro. We like this extra long-on-top afro with sharp tapered sides. You could take this cut a little shorter and start the fade above the ears or just fade the back of the neck. Either way, you cut it, this ‘fro makes a strong yet low-key statement. Wear this look if you’re all about the afro but are over the halo look.

15. Curly Top Taper Fade Cuts

taper fade with dreads
Mini dreads + taper fade = perfect. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

The curly-top taper fade is a classic. You can wear this look with a full beard or a clean-shaven face. It’s the kind of cut that works on every dude in every situation. Keep your hair soft and shiny by using some oil, especially on the top of your hair.

16. Mini Locs Taper Fade

taper fade cut with curls and side part
Love this curly top style. Photo credit: Dvora

You can always do this look with mini dreads. Adding in the taper fade to your mini dreads gives your look a lot of styles while keeping your hairline clean cut.

17. Curly Top With Clippings

taper fade haircut with pomp
This style is worth the effort. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

You know what’s cooler than a side part? Clippings! A thin clipped-in line gives you the same effect as a fade haircut with a part but makes it just that little bit cooler. We love how this look was created with a natural curly top. It’s fun yet dapper at the same time.

18. Pomp and Undercut Taper Fade

The classic pomp is great and all, but why not wear it with an undercut fade? An undercut, just like adding a clipped-in line, makes for a cool part alternative. Fading the edges takes it a step further and makes sure this old-school-meets-new look has flow. You will need to use a blowdryer to create this look, but it’s worth the learning curve to wearing this slick style.

Need more ways to wear a fade haircut with a part? Check out these cool high fade haircut styles

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