Fusey Haircut: 10 Reasons to Get In On This Trend

You'll want to get in on the edgiest look of the season.

The Fusey haircut trend has jumped straight into the most popular haircuts category in what feels like a matter of minutes. This partly shaved look depends on styling and structure to look its best and requires a bit of skill to maintain. While the Fusey haircut is characterized by the shaved bottom half of the style, the other parts of the look are open to your personal style preference. Pair this look with a full beard, some unexpected hair color, or any one of the following styles. Read on for 10 reasons to get in on this trend:

10 Ways to Wear the Fusey Haircut

fuse haircut tousled curls
Top your new Fusey with a head of tousled curls.

1. Tousled Curls

Go for a high contrast look and pair your Fusey haircut with volumized curls. Use Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse to add some volume and definition to your curls and brush through them for a more tousled look.

fusey haircut simple and easygoing
Try this laid-back version of the Fusey haircut.

2. Easygoing

This laid-back version of the Fusey haircut is a cross between a Fusey and a fade.

fusey haircut long on top
Grow out the top.

3. Long on Top

Grow out the top of your hair for a high contrast look between the shaved portion and your slicked back locks. Use a little bit of water to comb your strands back to hold the look in place.

fusey haircut layered blown out
Have your stylist add some layers to your look.

4. Layered Texture

Ask your stylist to incorporate long layers into the top portion of your style to add some depth and dimension to your look.

fusey haircut highlighted full beard
Add some highlights to show off your new ‘do.

5. Multi-Colored

Add some light blonde highlights to your look to draw more attention to your Fusey haircut.

fusey haircut gelled up
Use a touch of hair gel to spike your hair up at the front.

6. Gelled Up

Spike the top portion of your style up with a dime-sized amount of Axe Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel.

fusey haircut dye it blue
Draw attention to your new haircut.

7. Dye it Blue

Change your cut and color at the same time and dye your strands a sky blue color.

fusey haircut dark brown combed over
Let the Fusey take center stage.

8. Combed Over

Comb the longer portion of your hair over to one side and show of the Fusey in all its glory.

fusey haircut combed back short
Keep your hair short all around.

9. Cropped

Keep your hair mostly cropped for an all-around short style that includes the classic Fusey shaved sides.

fusey haircut bleach blonde
Lighten up all over.

10. Bleach Blonde

Dye your strands bleach blonde and style them back into a volumized pompadour. Use Dove Men + Care Defining Pomade to give the longer pieces some definition and shine.

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