6 Fresh Fade Haircuts for Fall

It's time for a new upgrade on this classic look.

Hailed one of today’s most universal cuts, fade haircuts are classic looks that truly stand the test of time. Thanks to our boys from the military, whose the 1960s, standard-issue cuts set the trend for the fades we know today (how’s that for directional?), modern-day dudes can now enjoy this clean, dapper look that’s ideal for both work and play.

This summer, we highlighted several ways in which you could wear your fades and this upcoming season is no different. Below, check out a rundown of some cool, fresh fades that we predict will be blowing up for Fall—and categorized by hair type to make your life easier! Read on:

6 Fresh Fade Haircuts for Fall by Hair Type

fade haircuts for fall floppy fade
Want more lift? Ask for longer bangs and shorter hair towards the back.

Straight Hair

1. Floppy Fade

Similar to an undercut but with more tapered sides, the floppy fade features longer hair on top—around four to five inches—that can be cut shorter towards the back of the head (or your skull bump, a.k.a. parietal ridge). This helps give more volume and lift to fine, straight hair, and can also be a hip way to transition your undercut into a more polished style for fall. To style, use a simple finger-swipe amount of hair wax that you rake throughout your hair. We like the matte finish of Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste.

fade haircuts clean and spiky
A tight fade is a good option for men with receding hairlines.

2. Clean and Spiky

As neat and spiffy as fade haircuts can get, the clean, spiky fade looks best on guys with straight hair on the thicker side. Keeping it short and cut relatively straight across also helps with receding hairlines, as this gives the illusion of a smaller forehead. Maximize the fullness of this look with a wax such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Matte Separation.

fade haircuts pomp
A loosely styled pomp is an easy way to look polished. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith.

Wavy Hair

1. Pomp Fade

Definitely a crowd-pleaser, styling your fade haircut into an easy pompadour is a clever way to mimic volume, which is why it’s a fave among guys with straight to wavy hair that’s on the thinner side. The look involves hair cut with clippers (see our guide to clipper guards) and tapered on the sides and back, but similar to a floppy fade, leaves some length up top to play with. To create your pomp, warm some classic pomade—we like the dapper shine of Axe Signature Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade—between your palms and rake through your bangs and top areas. Refine by combing at an angle.

fade haircuts beard fade
A well-blended taper makes your look more cohesive. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Beard-Blended Fade

Guys who want to tie their facial hair into their hairstyle can try asking their barbers for fade haircuts that blend into their sideburns and beards. This gives a nice, cohesive feel and makes you look infinitely more well-groomed. Thicker, wavier hair will benefit from a precise taper such as this, which uses clippers to make your temples, edges and sideburns crisp and well-defined. Up the gentlemanly factor with some gel or shine pomade, such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick.

fade haircuts afro skin fade
A fun, hip take on the afro, with the crispness of a fade. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com


1. Afro Skin Fade

Not sure whether to rock that ’fro or shave it off? Well, who said you gotta choose one? Yup, this non-committal look has been spotted on the streets and we have to admit, it’s kind of genius how it seamlessly mixes both styles. A full, textured afro on top and a light fade below both create a whole new look that’s fresh and on-trend. Apart from stopping in for a trim every two weeks to maintain your skin fade, this is pretty much low-maintenance and just needs the occasional spritz of leave-in product to soften.

fade haircuts short dreads
Add some contrast with a Brooklyn (or angular) notch at the temples. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Dreadlock Fade

Don’t get rid of those summer locs just yet: Shorter dreadlock fade haircuts are a cool way to transition those twists into a more polished look for fall. When coming from longer dreads, just ask your barber to leave around 3 inches of hair on top before proceeding to fade all around (a Brooklyn fade, or an angular shave, on the temples tightens up the look and adds some swag to your edges). If hair is shorter to begin with, section the tops of hair into a grid, apply a gel or wax—we like Axe Urban Messy Look: Matte Hold Gel—to help give your twists hold and structure.

Want more new looks to try for 2016? Check out our retro haircut list for looks that are trending this year.

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