Quick Recap: The Most Popular Mens Hairstyles in 2017

These were the mens haircuts 2017 served up strong.

The most popular mens hairstyles 2017 saw were some of our all-time favorites. From the high top fade to the classic military style cut, new ways to wear the man bun and old, tried-and-true ways to revive your curls, there were countless great styles to try. We’ve created a roundup of the best of the best mens hairstyles 2017 had in store as well as those mens haircuts 2017 showed us to give you plenty of hair inspiration for the year to come:

25 Mens Hairstyles 2017

mens hairstyles 2017 subtle hard part
A styling trick you’ve probably never considered.

1. Subtle Hard Part

Have you heard about the hard part haircut? This style incorporates a slightly exaggerated part into your hairstyle for an extra dose of edginess.

mens hairstyles 2017 messy curls
Let ’em loose.

2. Messy Curls

Run your fingers through your hair and let your curls run loose for a laid-back and relaxed look.

mens hairstyles 2017 lightly styled
An understated styling option.

3. Lightly Styled

This is an ideal style for the guys who don’t want to go overboard on hair product. A touch of Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade helps give your hair a lightly styled and groomed look without caking your strands in product.

mens hairstyles 2017 curly hair brunette close beard
Keep your scruff to a minimum.

4. Close-Shaven Beard

Let your hair do its thing and keep your scruff to a minimum with a super close-shaven beard.

mens hairstyles 2017 classic fade beard
Pair a classic fade with a longer beard.

5. Classic Fade + Beard

Get in on two of 2017’s biggest trends by pairing a fade with a full beard. You’ll be breaking hipster records with this style.

mens hairstyles 2017 windblown curls
A laid-back style to consider.

6. Windblown

This windblown look for curly hair lets you wear your curls as-is.

mens hairstyles 2017 white floppy hair
Grow it out.

7. All Grown Out

Consider wearing your hair just a little longer and letting it flop down over your eyes for a sexy and sophisticated edge.

mens hairstyles 2017 tousled waves
Easy and carefree.

8. Tousled Waves

Tousle your waves and go; this style is as easy and carefree as that.

mens hairstyles 2017 styled brunette
A little bit of hair product goes a long way.

9. Easy Styling

It doesn’t get any easier than this as far as styling goes. Comb Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel through your hair for a light styling routine that keeps your hair in check.

mens hairstyles 2017 straight hair
Straight and simple.

10. Wear it Straight

Wear your strands straight in a medium-length style for a look that’s simple yet impactful.

mens hairstyles 2017 spiked gray
Use a touch of hair gel to spike your strands up.

11. Spiked Up

Use Dove Men+Care Control Gel to spike up the front of your hair. Be sure to keep up with your fade haircut to keep this look feeling current.

mens hairstyles 2017 salt and pepper waves
Let your hair do its thing.

12. Natural Waves

Let your waves go their own way and wear them a little bit longer to show them off.

mens hairstyles 2017 overgrown and beard
Grow out your hair and your beard.

13. Grown Out All Over

Grow out your hair and your beard for a look that manages to hit all of this year’s trends, while simultaneously being the most low-maintenance style you’ve ever had.

mens hairstyles 2017 natural curls
Wear your curls natural and long.

14. Natural Curls

Pair your natural curls with a close-shaven beard and let your hair make a statement this season.

mens hairstyles 2017 man bun beard
This one is a classic for a reason.

15. The Man Bun

We’ve always been big fans of the classic man bun and love how much it cropped up throughout 2017. Carry this timeless trend straight into the new year with confidence.

mens hairstyles 2017 high top fade
Wear it long.

16. High-Top Fade

There’s no need to sacrifice your length for a fade. Wear a high top fade and maintain your height while still getting in on this trend.

mens hairstyles 2017 handelbar mustache and fade
Pair a classic fade with a handlebar ‘stache.

17. Fade + Facial Hair

The classic fade is so common these days that it serves as a blank canvas for any other additional trends you want to try. Enter: the handlebar moustache.

mens hairstyles 2017 half man bun
A twist on the classic man bun.

18. Half Man Bun

The half man bun allows you to get in on the man bun trend and keep your hair up and out of the way while still keeping some face-framing layers down around your shoulders.

mens hairstyles 2017 going gray
Comb your strands straight back.

19. Combed Back

Comb your hair back into slicked back sleek style. This one works for men of any age!

mens hairstyles 2017 full beard
Go all in with super strong beard game.

20. Full Beard

Wear your hair in whatever style you feel suits you best and grow your beard out nice and long.

mens hairstyles 2017 dreads
Tie your dreads back into a low ponytail.

21. Dreads

Tie your dreads back into a neat low ponytail or wear them long and loose.

mens hairstyles 2017 curly fade
Incorporate your curls into a more mainstream style.

22. Curly Fade

Incorporate your curls into a more mainstream and trendy style by pairing them with a classic fade and close-shaven beard.

mens hairstyles 2017 combed over
Sweep it to the side.

23. Combed Over

Comb all of your hair over to one side for a sharp and work-appropriate look you’ll return to again and again.

mens hairstyles 2017 clean cut
2017’s clean-cut style.

24. Clean-Cut

This is how we do clean-cut in 2017! Cropped hair and a close-shaven beard will give you streamlined and clean-cut results.

mens hairstyles 2017 bald
Shave it all off.

25. Clean-Shaven

Go bold and go bald by shaving it all off.

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