Men’s Grey Hairstyles: The Hottest Looks of The Season

How to stylishly style your gray hair in six different ways!

Fella’s whether you just started to see a little gray, or you’re already full-on gray, it doesn’t mean that your hip hairstyling days are over. Embrace your silver locks with clean, cool and dapper men’s grey hairstyles. Ahead we rounded up some of the hottest ways you can style your grey hair whether you’re young or well seasoned. Check out the easy-to-create styles below!

Men’s Grey Hairstyles 2017: 6 of The Hottest Looks of the Season

men's grey hairstyles: combed back style
Smooth your grey hair back into this simple and classy look. Photo credit:

1. Comb Back Style

If you’re grey and thinning at the crown area, this comb back style is ideal for covering up sparse areas in a very stylish way. The trick: Instead of using your hands to smooth your hair back, use a fine-tooth comb instead. The comb helps to spread your hair out evenly, allowing you to disguise your bald spot with ease.

men's grey hairstyles: messy wispy hairstyle on salt and pepper hair
Want something more edgy? Go for this wispy look. Photo credit:

2. The Wispy Cut

Give your salt and pepper locks a slightly voluminous appearance with this wispy style. To recreate this look, be sure to use a hair care system that boosts volume so you don’t have to worry about your hair feeling weighed down. We recommend washing your hair with Dove Men + Care Oxygen Charge Fortifying Shampoo to cleanse and create a thicker and fuller texture before styling.

men's grey hairstyles: extra long bearded look with men's updo hairstyle
Wear your grey loud and proud with this man updo style and long beard combo. Photo credit:

3. Wear it Full Grown

Wear your gray hair loud and proud! Embrace the color and texture of your grays all around your hair. If you rather not have all your hair out when wearing a thick long beard, opt for gathering your hair into a man bun or ponytail for a cleaner look.

men's grey hairstyles: side view of pompadour hairstyle on salt and pepper hair
This pompadour style is all you need to put your silver lights on display in a classy way. Photo credit:

4. Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour look is one of the classiest men’s grey hairstyles and one of the most stylish ways to show off your silver lights. The style allows your streaks of grey hair shine through gracefully. After washing your hair, blow-dry your hair, focusing on your roots so you can create height before styling. Work a pomade, like Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomadethroughout your hair and comb back to shape your hair into the pompadour style.

men's grey hairstyle idea: sideways style
Simple and easy men’s grey hairstyle idea.

5. Slicked Sideways

The slicked to the side style is a simple and classy way to style your hair. To turn this look up a notch and to give your hair color a nice, subtle sheen, use Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade to style your hair. Take a fingertip amount of the product and work it through your hair. Use a comb to create a barely-there hair part on one side then comb through to finish up the look.

men's grey hairstyles: man bun on grey hair
Pull your long grey hair into a man bun. Photo credit:

6. The Man Bun

Last but not least is the man bun style, of course! Going gray shouldn’t make you feel any less stylish. Gather your hair into a loose man bun and remind everyone that you have not lost your cool guy style.

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