7 Hip Hairstyles for Long Haired Men for Summer

Summertime, and the hairstyling is easy.

It’s undeniable that men with long hair have the luxury of taking advantage of their lengths. In the summer season, however, you may feel like you have some restrictions when it comes to styling your hair. During the hot and steamy season, you want to keep things easy, breezy and under control. Whether it’s switching your hardcore pomade for a light-weight hair wax or trying out a style that keeps your long hair out of your face—we get it, anything to keep you feeling sweat-free! Need a few new hairstyles to add to your list? Check out these dapper hairstyles for long haired men, that are also summer-friendly.

7 Dapper Hairstyles for Long Haired Men

long haired men combed back

1. Smoothed-Back Wavy Hair

Make sure you file this hairstyle under “simple hairstyles for long-haired men.” This ‘do is your go-to look for when you’re pressed for time, as it literally takes five minutes. Smooth Dove Men + Care Sculpting Paste throughout your hair and position your hair in the direction you want it to fall. If you ever find yourself needing to touch up your style, feel free to do so, as your styling product allows you to touch up or recreate your style during the day.

long haired men curly fro

2. The Airy ‘Fro

This season, go with the ‘fro if you have naturally curly, afro-textured hair. Wash hair with Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Fortifying Shampoo to start with moisturized curls, and then air-dry. If you need to speed up the drying process, blot hair with a towel to soak up as much water as possible, then blow-dry until your hair is completely dry. Use an afro pick for more volume if desired.

braids for men braided hairstyles long haired men
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3. The Smooth and Braided Man Ponytail

Neat, sleek, and handsome: three words that describe the smooth braided ponytail for long-haired men. Also, this is a great way to get your long hair off your neck. Wash hair with Dove Men & Care Complete Care Fortifying Shampoo + Conditioner for a visibly healthy and thick mane to start with. After drying your hair, apply Dove Men + Care Control Gel for a strong hold, to give a wet-looking finish to your braid and most of all, impart a controlled, smooth style. Braid hair until you get to the ends and secure with a hair elastic. Pro tip: Try a clear hair elastic to blend in with the color of your hair.

long haired men half up

4. The Half-Up Style

Looking for a trendy hairstyle for summer to try on your long hair? Try this half-up and accent braid hybrid. Create two braids on each side of your head and gather your top section into a high man pony.

long haired men long beard

5. The Hipster Tousle

Easy, breezy, and mussed up. If it’s one season you can get away with the grungy look of this style, it’s summertime. Let’s face it: It’s hot, so it’s probably best to go with the flow. For a messy, out-of-bed look, rub Axe Urban Messy Look: Flexible Paste through your hair to create extra texture.

long haired men man bun

6. The Man Bun

A mixture of facial hair and long hair worn down can make things a little hot and sticky around your face. Don’t get us wrong: This look is super appealing, but sometimes you need to keep cool. Pull your hair out of your face and into a neat man bun. Need help with positioning your bun? Opt for creating your bun at the same level as your eyes.

long haired men dreadlocks

7. Cornrow Braided Dreadlocks

A stylish way to rock dreadlocks in the summer is by pulling them back into neat cornrow braids. Opt for leaving your ends down or pull them up into a low man bun hairstyle to switch things up if desired.


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