Instagroom Day 9: The Half Man Bun with Teo

Everyone's favorite half man bun look just got tons more swag.

half-man bun tutorial


Nope, never getting over it! Just in case you still weren’t on board with the man bun, we’re back at it again via Day 9 of our AXE Instagroom series. For this installment, we feature Teo’s half man bun: a half-ponytail done in a messy, ridiculously easy, ready-for-anything version (in his case, some serious fütbol).

The half-bun, or “hun,” is one of the easiest ways to ease into the bun or top knot trends, as it can be achieved on hair that’s on the shorter to medium-long side. As long as you’ve got at least five to six inches to work with, you’re solid—in fact, it’s a popular go-to look for guys growing out last season’s undercut and floppy fades, or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with styling your hair on gym-tan-laundry-hungover days (because yup, we’ve all been there). Our Instagroom model Teo—who has chin-length layers—likes it for the simple reason that he “doesn’t want hair in [his] eyes,” which is also, like, super valid. For the rest of us, we’re all just happy to know that we’ve got a somewhat elevated option for errand hair!

Whether you’re looking for a no-brainer transitional look, a practical hairstyle for sports activities, or are just into the whole devil-may-care, slightly hipster swag, the half man bun is hands-down your best bet. See how our soccer star does his below:

AXE Instagroom: Teo’s Half Man Bun


Scoop out some product.

For knotted styles like the half man bun, you typically don’t need a strong-hold product; one that gives you a light to medium hold and control, especially on more textured hair, is best. For this look, take a finger-swipe amount of cream, such as AXE Natural Look: Softening Cream, for a casual finish.

half man bun using product

Mix the product.

Rub the product between your palms to warm it up slightly and make for a more even spread.

mix product between fingers for your half man bun

Rake it through.

Apply product onto the top half of your hair by raking it through with your fingers.

rake product to create your half man bun

Smooth it down.

Smoothen out any kinks while you section off the top half. You can also opt to run any leftover product through the rest of your hair to add some control and/or shine. Tip: Guys with receding or wide hairlines might want to opt for a looser base — you want to minimize attention to that forehead, as well as lessen any tension.

smoothen down your half man bun

Tie it off.

Secure with a hair elastic to lock in your half man bun. Depending on your length, you can either go for a knotted version by pulling hair out halfway on the last loop, or a full bun, by coiling hair around itself and looping the elastic at the base.

tie off your half man bun

All set!

And you, sir, are done. *finger guns at mirror*

final half man bun look

If you want a more polished version of the knotted half man bun (and half the length to spare), try going for a full-on bun. Coil hair around till it resembles a tiny nub, then loop your elastic around several times around the base till secure. The look is less casual bro and more warrior-on-the-frontlines, so be prepared for a bit of fangirling. 😉

Looking for even more man bun inspo? Check out your options here.

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