The Top 6 Cool Man Top Knot Hairstyles to Try Out

Top-of-the-line hairstyles.

The man bun has seen an update for 2017, dudes. Now it’s all about man top knot hairstyles. Instead of low buns that sit by your neck, the man top knot is placed much higher up on your head. This gives a totally different look than the low man bun, and we’re fans of this look just the same! Just like the bun, man top knot hairstyles can be worn in many different styles. Read on to learn how to six different man top knot hairstyles:

6 Cool and Quick Man Top Knot Hairstyles To Try This Season

cool man top knot hairstyles high pony
The easy top knot.

1. Simple Top Knot

The first, and easiest way to achieve man top knot hairstyles is just to do your regular man bun and place it higher up on your head. This will mean that you’ll have to have slightly longer hair (around 8 inches) so the hair at the nape of your neck can reach neatly up to your crown . Otherwise, just wrap your hair around as usual and secure with a hair tie.

cool man top knot hairstyles messy knot
The messier, the better.

2. Extra Messy Top Knot

To get a bolder look, go for the messy top knot. This style may be even easier to achieve, so long as your hair is long enough. Instead of wrapping your hair around in a perfect bun, you’ll more like pile up your hair then secure it with a hair tie. This creates that messy, super casual look! It may not win you any points in formal settings, but this definitely checks all the boxes for those casual days.

cool man top knot hairstyles to try out this year mini knot
Mini-buns are just as good.

3. Mini Top Knot

Who says you have to have tons of hair to do a top knot? The mini-knot is just as cool of a look for guys with thin or thinning hair. Just make sure you keep the look very smooth. If you have a poufier look, it will take away from that sleek factor. If you need to, use a little Bed Head For Men By TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax to smooth down the sides of your hair. The matte texture will look much more natural.

cool man top knot hairstyles loop bun
Loop it for a cool style. Photo credit: Dvora

4. The Loop Bun

For another different take, try the loop bun. This look is very simple and leaves the tail loose and half pulled through for a different look. You start up this style like a ponytail, by pulling all of your hair up, and securing one loop with a hair tie. Then, you create the bun by pulling your hair through the hair tie again, but only pulling it halfway through.

cool man top knot hairstyles shaved sides
Show off those cool shaved sides.

5. Top Knot With Undercut

For a more rocker-style look, incorporate an undercut into the mix. This style shows off your cool shaved sides with a simple top knot. Of course, like any undercut, you can add in a fade, keep it slightly longer or even shave all the way down. The world is your oyster.

cool man top knot hairstyles half up
Half up, half down, all cool.

6. Half Up Top Knot

For a totally different feel, go for a half up look. It’s a cool style that lets you do a half up top knot on pretty much any length of hair. It also shows off your long locks in a cool way. Make sure the hair you leave down also looks well styled. You can achieve a smooth look if you just run a little bit of Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade through your lengths.

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