Freshen Up: 10 Best Short Haircuts for Men

The top mens short haircuts to inspire your next look.

Short haircuts for men are always a good idea. This may not be groundbreaking news, but we think it’s worth mentioning, especially since there are so many ways you can wear short hair. And we aren’t just talking about the classic bowl cuts or military haircuts from your youth.

At this time in your life is also important to figure out your personal style. The beauty of being in your 30s is having the ability to experiment with different haircuts and styles without having to stress if you can pull off the man bun. Plus, the modern short cut is way more versatile and offers you the chance to play with texture and even a little length. Read on to check out some of our favorite short haircuts for men:

10 Best Short Haircuts for Men

short haircuts for men: the buzz cut
This season the low buzz is out and the high buzz is in. Photo credit:

1. High Buzz

A buzz cut doesn’t need to be super low. Instead, go for a high buzz, the slightly longer length is a much more modern look. This cut works best on naturally straight to slightly wavy hair, curly hair may not get an even look with a cut this length.

short haircuts for men: the fauxhawk
Spike it up.

2. Fauxhawk

Getting your hair cut into a fauxhawk gives you more styling options. You can style it into a fauxhawk using Dove Men+Care Control Gel, or leave it down for a more casual look. If you don’t style it into a fauxhawk, comb the top of your hair to one side for a faux comb-over look.



Short Hair For Men
Wear it clean in one of our favorite mens short hairstyles.

3. Shaved Head

Who needs short hair when you can have no hair? Shaving your head is definitely a powerful look when you are in your 30s. You can use it as a way to up your cool factor, or as a way to beat balding.

short haircuts for men: classic fade
A neat, classic fade helps you transition into a new style from an undercut.

4. Classic Fade

If a retro look is more your style, get a classic fade haircut. This is a good way to shape your hair after having a tight undercut, or as a way to clean up a shaggier style. Style the top of your hair backward by using AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade to seal the deal on this cool, retro style.

short haircuts for men: comb-over hair
Comb-over undercuts are best when shiny, but not greasy.

5. Comb-Over With Undercut

With a versatile cut like the comb-over, you can do just about anything with your hair. Keeping it slightly longer on top with an undercut is a high contrast look. Style with Bed Head For Men By TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel for a clean shiny look that lasts all day.

short haircuts for men short men hairstyles
For a sleek look, slick it back. Photo credit: Dvora

6. Slicked Back

This look is similar to the comb-over with undercut underneath and a slicked back look on top. Slicking back your hair of any length will instantly give your hair a sleek, professional look. When getting this cut think about how much hair you want to keep on top – the longer it is, the more of a #throwback ’80s look you’ll have.

short haircuts for men: tight undercut
Keep it tight.

7. Tight Undercut

We really do love pairing an undercut with short haircuts for men. Keeping your undercut extra low adds extra drama to your hair. You can pair a tight undercut with many different mens styles like a comb-over or a modern pompadour.

short haircuts for men: short crop short hairstyles men
A simple short crop that’s been thinned out on the sides and top.

8. Short Crop

Nothing wrong with keeping it simple and going for a short crop. This is one of those almost magical haircuts that looks good on every guy and every hair type. You can take this cut shorter or longer to your preference which is a bonus because it grows out really well.

short haircuts for men cropped curls short haircuts men
Keep your curls closely cropped.

9. Closely Cropped Curls

We love short hairstyles for men that show off natural texture. Wear your curls closely cropped for a sleek look that still showcases your natural curls.

short haircuts for men fade short beard men short hairstyles
Pair your short haircut with a short beard.

10. Strike a Balance

If you’re looking for short mens hairstyles that include some of the top trends, this is the one for you. Strike a balance and pair your short haircut with a closely shaven beard.

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