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Hair Grease for Men: The Lowdown and Your Styling Options

We've got the scoop about this popular men's hair product and some effective alternatives.

For some, a hair grease may feel like ‘old school’ hair styling product. Truth be told: It is. The reality: Men still use it to style their hair and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, we think it’s always good to know a little background information about the products you use on your hair. This may help you decide what works or doesn’t work for you.

Even though you swear by a grease, there are some modern day alternatives that do the job of a your favorite stying grease and sometimes better. In an effort to help you get the best hair today and everyday, we’re breaking down what you need to know about hair grease and some alternatives you can try if it doesn’t work for you. Read on to learn more.

Hair Grease: What You Need to Know

hair grease men's hairstyle products
Grease can help you create simple and defined styles.

1. What is hair grease?

This petroleum-based product was widely used back in the day to create styles like quiffs, pompadours and even slicked-back styles. Over the years, however, hair grease became less popular as new innovations began to surface specifically to solve many of the problems men face when using grease to style their hair. According to Bailey Pope, In-house Consulting Stylist | Creative Director TIGI Salon Unilever North America, “Using a grease or pomade is going to be problematic because it’s going to weigh the hair down and make it look thinner. To avoid this, opt for creams or lighter pomades that are water soluable.”

2. What are your hair styling alternatives?

A pomade of course! Some pomades are formulated to work just like a hair grease sans the greasy  feeling a traditional hair grease often creates and they’re water soluable. Products like Dove Men + Care Defining Pomade are great to use in lieu of a hair grease. This pomade in particular doesn’t have a greasy formula but leaves your styles shiny. Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade is great for medium to thick hair textures on the other hand, pomades are really good

hair grease for men: pompadour hairstyle
Create styles like quiffs and pompadours with a grease or a styling pomade.

3. How to use a grease or a pomade?

This all depends on the hairstyle you’re planning to create. Remember, when using a hair grease, it can cause thin hair types to look and feel even thinner since the grease clumps the hair together. Our suggestion: If you must use a grease, go easy on the amount of product you apply or go for a pomade with a light-weight formula instead. With either product, make sure to smooth or comb it through your hair for even distribution. For best results, opt for using grease on clean hair to avoid product buildup.


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