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Hair Clay for Men is the New Styling Go-To

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For years, men have been using pomades to style their hair to create some of their most coveted hairstyles. However, with the advent of new hair styling tools and products like hair clay, the options available have become much broader (and complex!). Hair clay comes in many forms and textures, and if you’re not that aware of it it, we feel it’s high time you get familiar with this popular hair product now. Read on as we explain what hair clay for men is and how to use it:

Hair Clay for Men’s Hairstyling

For the uninitiated, when you hear of hair clay you may automatically associate it with being a hair product for treating your hair during your wash routine. You’re not technically wrong, as there are some clays that are use to treat your hair. However, some may neglect this process when it comes to caring for your hair. Using a hair clay can help restore and strengthen your locks, making it easier to style and have a healthy look overall.

The other type of clay we’re obsessed with and are focusing on right now is hair clay for styling. There are many (and we mean many) options out on the market that you can use to style your hair. This product is quickly rivaling hairstyling pomades and is also super easy to use.

What kind of hair clay to use

When looking for a hair clay for your locks, it all depends on your style preference. Would you rather have a look with a matte or shiny finish? If you’re going for matte hair, look for a hair clay that gives a matte or powdery result (or says that it provides a matte finish on your hair explicitly on the label). Same goes for shine: Read the label to look for something that provides a sheen.

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Use a hair clay to style your fringe. Photo credit:

How to use hair clays on your hair

There’s nothing difficult nor technical about using a hair clay on your hair. You apply it onto your strands the same way you would a styling pomade. We like the results we get from AXE Adrenaline Spiked Up Look: Styling Putty, which can be easily tailored to your specific look. For that trendy, tousled feel, work it through clean hair and then use your hands (or any styling tools available like a comb) to mold your hair into the style and shape you’re after.

Why use hair clays for men in lieu of styling pomade?

This is totally up to you and the look you are going for. A lot of men choose clay because of the matte finish it provides. You can also achieve that look with AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel, but it seems that many clays are formulated with ingredients that help with the overall look and healthy feel of your hair, as well as give added texture to fine strands.

What’s the difference between hair clay, pomade or paste?

If you’re unsure as to what styling product is best for the look you want, here we break it down for you.

While clay gives hair more volume without weighing it down, it also helps boost body and thickness. Clays are great for hairstyles that require more texture or volume. They also provide a matte finish as oppose to a pomade.

Speaking of pomades, these are a water or oil-based ointment that helps achieve a neater, sleeker style. There are medium to high shine options and are an excellent option for ducktails, slick-backs, and comb-overs. The Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade is a favorite for sporting shine without the greasiness.

Lastly, a paste is usually thicker in consistency than a clay or a pomade. It’s also water-based, so can easily be washed out with regular shampoo. Different types of pastes can vary in consistency, but in their thicker forms, some warming is required prior to application. We currently love the Suave Men Styling Paste, that can help create the illusion of volume to thinning or fine locks.

Have you used hair clays before? Want to try something different? Here’s how you can try using a leave-in conditioner for men.

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