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Dove Men+Care Real Life Tested: Hair Fall In Men

Dove Men + Care breaks down hair fall in men and how you can take control.

Day in and day out, men are facing numerous hair issues. Whether it is dealing with the repercussions of hair fall in men, scalp health and even daily styling, more and more men are becoming interested in learning how to care for their hair. However, to cope with these hair issues, many tend to assume that the solution (or the prevention) is more complicated than it actually is, making the thought of hair care become stressful.

Oftentimes, the products used in your daily hair care and styling routines may be the culprit. On the other hand, stress just may be the one to blame. Dove Men + Care recently launched their Real Life Tested campaign with a goal to show how physical and environmental stressors can contribute to the overall health of the hair. Here are a few takeaways and statistics from the campaign.

How Dove Men + Care Can Help Hair Fall in Men

1. Common reasons for hair fall in men.

Aggressive grooming (combing, brushing, etc.), heat styling tools, over-styling and pulling all contribute to hair fall in men. Hair loss can be hereditary or happen based on stress and daily styling. There is a way to prevent hair fall in men, and it’s as simple as employing the right wash and care products into your routine. For example, Dove Men + Care Anti-Dandruff Fortifying 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner not only fights dandruff, but it also improves the health of your scalp.

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2. Using the right products based on your lifestyle.

Prevention is better than cure, the right hair care products can make your hair more resilient to common hair issues. According to Dove Men + Care Fall Study Conducted by Edelman Intelligence, “90% of dermatologists agree that men today aren’t aware of how certain everyday activities can contribute to hair fall.”

78% of dermatologist agree that by simply choosing the right shampoo, men can help ensure that their hair is strong enough to hold up to their active lifestyles.

For a man that’s active, on the go and always breaking a sweat at the gym, a product like the Dove Men + Care Oxygen Charge Fortifying Shampoo can improve the appearance of flat, oily hair. This seems to be the perfect hair care system to use before styling your hair into your favorite men’s hairstyle like the quiff or the mohawk haircut.

Not to mention, as silly as it sounds, hair fall in men can even occur from playing with your children. You may think when your little one tugs your hair it’s cute, but they also may be contributing to the thinning of your hair. So, you may want to have your kid go easy on your hair.

3. The connection between the environment and hair fall in men.

According to Dr. Glynis Abon: ” 85% of men by age 50 will have some element of hair thinning.” Physical and environmental factors can trigger stress, and stress then can cause a negative impact on the overall health of your hair, causing issues like hair loss/hair fall. The Dove Men + Care Fall Study has also found that the leading environmental factors that contribute to hair fall in men are ultraviolet (UV) rays, and chlorine. Be sure to keep your hair clean on a day to day basis, along with all Dove Men + Care products, Dove Men + Care Complete Care 2-In-1 Shampoo can be used every day. This product in particular, leaves hair visibly healthy and resilient.

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