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Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Guys with AXE Hair Creator Josh Peck

His hair hacks: sticking to a classic look (and some daily affirmations).

Not everyone has a stylist on call to help with his or her everyday hair situations, least of all your average guy. And apparently, with AXE, you don’t need one. We sat down with one of their Hair Creators, Josh Peck, self-described “actor, comedian and basically just a style icon,” for some serious (!) tips on creating easy hairstyles for guys at home. Read on and see how he stays on point, why bloating and shirt-holes matter and how a dude’s hands are the most important styling tool to have.

Tips on Creating Easy Hairstyles for Guys with AXE Hair Creator Josh Peck

easy hairstyles for guys axe hair creator josh peck
AXE Hair Creator Josh Peck: actor by day, dapper style icon by night. (Also, comedian.) Photo credit: AXE

All Things Hair: Style icon, woo-hoo! Please take us through your whole glam process.

Josh Peck: (Laughs) Absolutely. So my whole glam process is very expedited: I wake up in the morning, hit a quick shower, look at myself in the mirror and make sure, you know, that I don’t look bloated, you know, see how I did in my diet the day before… But then I throw in a bit of my AXE Spiked-Up Look: Styling Putty, which I’m a fan of. Throw it in the hands, brush it in, I do a little hand massage to the head—

All Things Hair: Get the circulation flowing…

Josh Peck: Yeah! Just kind of pimpin’ myself, really. Give myself a daily affirmation, and then I have to pull my hair through my T-shirt and expand the head holes, so I don’t do anything to mess up my hair on the way.

All Things Hair: Do you blow-dry?

Josh Peck: I don’t blow-dry. What I love about these AXE products is that they’re fast, quick and easy.

All Things Hair: That’s really interesting, because a lot of our readers are trying to learn to style their hair themselves. For an everyday guy who just wants to look on-point, as you said, every morning, what’s the best number-one tip you can give?

Josh Peck: I would say style straight out of the shower; do something that’s, like, clean and easy and something that you can kind look of natural with, which is important. And I wouldn’t underestimate the power of your own hands to style your hair: You don’t necessarily need like a bunch of crazy products.

easy hairstyles for guys axe products
Easy Hairstyles for Guys: Josh lauds the Styling Putty as one of his faves. Photo credit: AXE

All Things Hair: Right. So is your situation different for day versus night? Say, if you’re going out on a date versus just hanging out playing football in the park—does your style change, or is it pretty consistent?

Josh Peck: It’s the same, always. (Laughs) Yeah, whether I like it or not. I remember my mom telling the story that I was born with a full head of hair, and that I just parted my hair from left to right. I haven’t changed it in 30 years.

All Things Hair: Wow! So you’ve never had a bad yearbook photo, never messed with your hair?

Josh Peck: Oh hell yeah, I have! I went through the high school years where I really wanted to grow my hair out, and my hair is wavy and coarse as hell… Yeah, I was not winning in that moment. And luckily, it’s chronicled on Drake and Josh forever, so I get reruns of my awkward years.

easy hairstyles for guys panel
The AXE Hair Creators (from left) Brodie Smith, Josh Elkin, AXE Master Barber Pedro Rosario, AXE Hair Spokestylist Amy Komorowski and Joshua Ovenshire listen as Josh Peck gives the secret to his “everyday glam.” Photo credit: AXE

All Things Hair: These kinds of easy hairstyles for guys usually take you around what, 10 minutes, five minutes?

Josh Peck: I would say even less, like 3 or 4 minutes, ’cause I’ve got a system now that I’ve decoded my hair. I just get some styling putty, and throw it in. The reality is I think it’s sort of on brand with what AXE has been saying—if it’s not sustainable or it’s not something you can do quickly everyday, guys won’t do it. It’s really easy to sort of execute this [style] and it makes all the difference. I’ve seen some photos of myself where my hair’s not on point, and it can mess up my day.

All Things Hair: If a girl who wants to get her guy to be more style-savvy, what do you think they should tell them? How do you think girls should broach the subject to their guys?

Josh Peck: I don’t think you can be afraid to be too direct. Don’t underestimate the power of the knowledge that your guy probably needs a little assistance. Every time I’ve listened to my girlfriend, it’s always worked out for the best. And I’ve fought her on certain things too. I’ve said, “I’m pretty sure these neon loafers are dope,” and she’s like, “Don’t wear ’em, Josh, you’re gonna regret it.” And she’s always right.

easy hairstyles for guys josh peck eunice
Easy Hairstyles for Guys: Just go straight to the point, ladies! Photo credit: AXE

All Things Hair: So just always go straight to the point.

Josh Peck: Yeah! Be direct, go for it and don’t be afraid to hurt feelings. (Laughs) And then also, we’re very trainable so, like, go out and buy your man the product! Inevitably, or at least for me, I just want to be told what to do.

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