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From expert guides explaining the differences between hair oil and hair serum to detailed advice on styling tools and the best ways to use them, you’ll find everything you need to know about hair products right here. And if you’ve ever wondered how to apply dry shampoo, you’ll soon discover our top secrets. Plus, our tried-and-tested product recommendations are editor and expert-approved, with reliable hair tips, tricks, and advice on when to use what, which is sure to give you complete confidence when you style your locks.

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aloe vera hair gel

How to Make Your Own Aloe Vera Hair Gel

Want to know if clarifying shampoos really work? Or what’s the difference between a hair paste, pomade, and clay anyway? From uncovering which hair products are best for your hair (straight, curly, natural – check!), to the best ways to use them for optimal results, it’s all here to help you emulate that perfect look in a cinch.

Once you’ve found the look, and nailed the technique: choosing the right hair products is the first and last (and, perhaps, most essential!) step to creating superb hairstyles that look fabulous and stay put all day.

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