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How to Use ‘Gray Blending’ to Transition Your Hair

The low-maintenance hair color technique to consider.

Who doesn’t remember the ads for at-home hair dye kits that promised to mask gray hairs with ease? Gray hair used to be taboo, a sign of aging that no woman wanted to associate with. In the modern era, gray blending has taken the idea of gray hair to a new, more acceptable place. Easing the transition from youthful pigmented color to more mature gray strands has never been easier. And as we as a society begin to appreciate natural signs of aging, gray hair simply isn’t as taboo as it used to be. In fact, searches for gray blending increased by 19.72% from 2022 to 2023 according to Google Trends.

Post-pandemic, many people have decided to do away with high-maintenance and expensive beauty routines. Accepting graying hair is the latest chapter in that story, and gray blending offers a chic way to embrace your natural hair color trajectory.

Gray Blending: The Low Maintenance Look of the Moment

We are in an era of accepting our natural beauty tendencies, whether that be natural hair texture, hair color, or any other aspect of our visage. As more women embrace their freckles and unruly yet beautiful brows and even begin dissolving filler, we all make strides toward more self-acceptance. Why should gray hair be any different?

gray blending blonde highlights
Use blonde highlights to blend your gray strands.

Gray blending employs the coloring technique known as balayage, a blending process that creates the illusion that your hair is melting from one color to the next. Most often created with blonde hues, this technique allows you to blend gray and almost white-blonde hair colors to create a smooth transition from dark to light that incorporates your gray strands seamlessly.

The beauty of this subtle cover-up technique is just how low-maintenance it is. While covering up gray strands at the root inevitably leads to noticeably grown-out roots in a few weeks’ time, gray blending offers a longer grace period.

gray blending chignon
You can’t deny the beauty of this timeless look.

As with all hair trends, it all comes back to personal preference. If you aren’t quite ready to embrace your graying hair, there is absolutely nothing wrong with continuing to mask your silvery strands.

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