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Tutorial: How to Create a Cool Criss-Cross Braid

Get in on the latest braided hair trends with this awesome criss cross braid.

If you’re into braids but looking for something different than the standard three-strand braid or even the intricate fishtail braid, we have you covered. This criss-cross braid is a bit more advanced than your classic braids. Not only will this braided hairstyle get your hair off your face and neck, but it will also ensure that you showcase your hair in a super cool (and easy!) style that works for a range of occasions. Wear this style from the gym to the office and then out to drinks with friends – it’s that versatile.

Creating a Criss-Cross Braid: Tips to Mastering this Look

We also love that this cool braided hairstyle is a great way to show-off your dye job or highlights since your hair color pops within the stitches of the braid. This pigtail-inspired criss-cross braided style is super cute, we can totally see it being one of the hottest looks to hit the beach this summer. Read on to learn how to create this cool criss-cross braid   hairstyle in just 10 minutes or less!

Step 1: Start with clean hair

criss cross braid tutorial pigtails

Wash and condition your hair with Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to add a natural volume to your hair before creating your criss-cross braid.

If you don’t need a wash, but need to soak up some excess oil before styling, opt for refreshing your hair with Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo. This formula works to remove oil from the roots, without leaving any residue. If you’re washing and conditioning, make sure that your hair is at least 90% dry before you start creating your criss-cross braid.

Step 2: Part your hair down the center.

Brush your hair to ensure that it’s soft and manageable. Then, divide your hair into two even sections by parting it down the center. We suggest using a comb to create that even part, along with the assistance of your fingers.

Step 3: Braid each side diagonally.

Start on your preferred side and create a Dutch braid diagonally on each side of your hair. This establishes your signature X braided style, a.k.a. The coveted criss-cross look. Work your way down until you reach the ends.

Step 4: Secure your ends with a hair elastic.

Hold your braided hairstyle in place by securing your style with a hair elastic. Tie each side. Repeat step 3 on the other side of your hair and secure it. This braided section will be on top of the first braid, finalizing that criss-cross patterned look.

Step 5: Set with a strong holding spray.

criss-cross braid dutch pigtails

Spray your braided hairstyle with a spritz of some hairspray, like TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray, to ensure that your criss-cross braid stays put all day long. You may also need to smooth out the sides of your hair with some additional serum to tame any flyaways.

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