In Bloom: 10 Flower Hairstyles We’re Gushing Over Now

Even better than the real thing: Flower braids are a trend that keep us blooming all year round.

We may be officially into the colder season but we see no reason to give up on the floral trend just yet. Contrary to what we usually associate with spring and summer, flower hairstyles have earned their status as a new classic these days, with the look becoming an all-year staple due to their wear-anywhere charm. Feminine, delicate and, allow us to say, pretty darn clever, looks that incorporate a floral theme—whether in the plait themselves or as part of an overall look—are cute, fun options that can work for both workday and weekend.

Some flower braids do require a certain level of braid savvy, however (click our braiding guide for a refresher), but if you’re pretty comfortable with your know-how, then the following looks should be a cinch to recreate. Read on:

In Bloom: 10 Super-Pretty Flower Hairstyles to Cop

celtic knot flower hairstyles
This look features three braided buns linked together with pins. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Celtic Knot

A quirky play on a knotted, twisted style, these flower braids feature three separate plaits each coiled in a bun and linked together via pins. Click on our Celtic braid tutorial to learn more.

pin-curled petals flower hairstyles
The two-tone hair color adds an unusual level of dimension.

2. Pin-Curled Petals

Ombré hair is a perfect base for this look that features hair done in pin curls. Start with a low ponytail divided into sections, then curl each section into a tiny bun, securing at the seam to create your “petals.” A skinny braid can also be done on one section as a nice accent.

daisy chain braid flower hairstyles
Modernize that 1970s daisy chain with a chubby plait.

3. Daisy Chain Braid

Pull hair from above each ear and start a French braid on both, switching to a regular three-strand braid as soon as you run out of scalp. Secure each with its own elastic, then crisscross them together, securing with pins. Accentuate with a delicate spray of daisies for a sweet, boho vibe.

dutch garland braid flower hairstyles
Use the end of a fishtail comb to tug the links apart.

4. Dutch Garland Braid

This look features a Dutch, or inverted, braid at the nape with the chains pulled apart for the “petals.” Start by dividing hair into three sections and crossing each side section under the middle section, starting from one ear all the way to the opposite ear. Secure with an elastic and tuck the remaining pony into the braid to create your bun. Using the end of a fishtail comb, gently tug the loops of each chain to loosen and create that rounded ribbon effect. Accessorize with your fave floral crown!

three strand half bun flower hairstyles
This minimalist look is adorably ’90s. Photo credit: Dvora

5. Three-Strand Half Bun

Simple enough for beginners, start with sectioning hair into a half-ponytail. Secure with a tiny elastic, then begin a regular-three-strand braid onto the ponytail. Coil it around itself, making sure each layer is visible (and not stacked) for a flatter circle. Secure with pins. Finish by applying a protective serum or lightweight frizz-fighting cream, like Nexxus City Shield DD Crème, to the lengths and ends.

dutch half buns flower hairstyles
Do this look on a middle part for a whimsical, slightly retro feel.

6. Dutch Half-Buns

Similar to the three-strand half-bun, this look features two braids done in the inverted/Dutch style. Pull a section near each of your temples to create your feeder braids, plaiting all the way to the ends. Coil each around itself behind each ear, and secure with pins. Bonus: You can pancake or tug the chains apart for a more petal-like effect.

rose bun flower hairstyles
Flower Hairstyles for Formal Nights: Smooth and polished, we love these flower hairstyles for weddings and big-night events.

7. Rose Bun

Though technically not a braid, this charming, elegant rose bun look makes a great formal hairstyle for events and special occasions. The look entails hair done in a low chignon and covered with the side sections a la petals in, you guessed it, a rose. Learn how to recreate this in our rose bun tutorial.

multi bun flower hairstyles
Leave one section loose for a flirty touch.

8. Multi Bun

Flower hairstyles can also be conceptual, as seen in this other non-braided iteration. Here, hair is divided into multiple sections and each is simply curled around itself to create a loose, romantic chignon. Ends can be left down and softly curled for a modern Victorian feel. A fine-mist hairspray, like TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray, helps keep all flyaways in check.

side french flower hairstyles
Create a flower shape with the braid on the left to hide the seams of the other braids.

9. Side French Flower Braids

Don’t let this intense-looking medley intimidate you! It’s actually just a combo of three French braids done from right to left, with a regular braid on the left to bring it all together. Starting with the top/hairline French, create your weave from the right ear to the left, pinching new hair from your hairline with each link. Finish with an elastic as soon as you reach the left ear, allowing the loose hair to fall. Do the lower braid next in the same manner, securing the pony after you reach the left ear. Next, take the remainder of hair on the left temple and create a regular three-strand braid till the ends, then coil into a bun to hide the seams of your first two French plait ponytails. Curl all loose ends to finish and spray with a shine spray, like Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray, for showstopping shine.

flower buns flower hairstyles
Each “petal” is simply a section of hair curled under itself.

10. Flower Buns

You may want to phone a friend for this one, but in case you’re up to the challenge, we’ve got you: This look is essentially three buns (starting off as ponytails) in one. Each bun is split into four sections, which are curled over and secured with pins at the overlap. Optional: Add a cute pearl pin accessory (so on-trend right now!) in the middle of each bun to drive that floral point home.

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