The Ash Blonde Hair Trend is Back: 10 Ways to Nail It

Spring's new cool hue, right this way.

This year, while we still love all the rosy and orangey blonde hair trends surfacing on the Internet, we’re gravitating more towards blonde with grey undertones. If you’re looking for a hair color that’s not white, but also not platinum blonde, dive right into the middle with a cool-toned ash blonde hair. Ahead we’ve rounded up gorgeous ash blonde hair ideas we’re currently swooning over. Read on to get inspired by this collection of ash blonde hues: We’re covering dark ash blonde, medium ash blonde, light ash blonde, and everything in between.

1. Ash Blonde Balayage

young woman with ash blonde hair looking at cell phone.
If you fancy a more natural-looking finish, opt for balayage. Photo credit:

No matter how many hair color techniques there are out there, balayage isn’t going anywhere. Balayage is ideal for those who don’t want to go full on ashy blonde hair but just want enough to make a bold statement in the most natural-looking way. Mix up the look with wavy or curly ends for a more playful and fun approach. To create lots of body and movement within your style, opt for using TRESemmé Volume Pro Pure Foam Shampoo and TRESemmé Pro Pure Light Moisture Conditioner.

2. Ash Blonde Hair Tips

young woman with ash blonde hair tips looking at phone
Add a hint of this cool-toned hue to the very ends of your hair just to try it out. Photo credit:

If you’re really into this trend and want to give it a go just see how it looks on you, go for a subtle statement with a dark ash blonde hair color. Opt for a dip-dye technique and add this cool-toned gray hue just at the tips of your hair. Best part: If you grow tired of it sooner rather than later, just snip off the ends and start fresh.

3. Ash Blonde Hair on Piecey Hairstyles

woman with edgy ash blonde hair shag style
Go for an edgy look with a bone straight shag. Photo credit:

While some girls are going crazy to get thicker and fuller hair, the new texture for this season is all about light and airy hairstyles. Opt for pairing up your new ash blonde hair color style like a thin shag hairstyle worn bone straight for an edgy take on the look. For the girls with oilier hair types, consider using a dry shampoo to keep your style fresh. Use Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Dry Shampoo to refresh your hair and absorb excess oil.

4. Warm to Cool

ash blonde hair warm to cool
Take your color from warm to cool.

Ash blonde hairstyles aren’t all about stark contrasts between the roots and the ends of your style. Some women are opting for transitioning from a warm base color to icy cool ends. We love this unique take on the ashy blonde hair trend.

5. Straight Up Texture

ash blonde hair texture straight hair
Wear your ash blonde hair in a straight and textured style.

Wash and condition your hair in the shower, sleep on your wet strands, and let them dry overnight. You’ll wake up a with a head of straight hair that has a bit of extra texture. We love how that texture and movement pairs with fresh ashy blonde hair color.

6. A Classic Bob

ash blonde ombre and waves
Try this color with a trendy cut like a wavy lob.

Consider mixing your trendy hair color with a classic bob haircut for a hairstyle juxtaposition we can’t get enough of. Mixing trendy with classic is a great way to take a leap in the hair department without going too far outside of your comfort zone.

7. An Ashy Ombré

ash blonde hair ombre
Nail two trends in one style.

There’s a reason why almost every single celebrity has had ombré hair at one point or another. Ombre hair is to 2020 what the perm was to the ’80s… and by that we mean: it’s everywhere. Consider this ashy ombré as a way to take a unique approach towards this now-classic style.

8. Aging Gracefully

ash blonde hair middle aged woman
There’s no age limit for this gorgeous color.

Use this ashy blonde color as a way to mask your grays as your hair changes color and you transition into full-on gray strands. Partially dyeing your hair an ashy shade of blonde as you transition will slow the process down a bit and give you the chance to make the transition as gracefully as possible.

9. Messy Texture

ash blonde hair medium curls messy
Keep your texture messy and edgy.

Wear your fresh ashy blonde hair color with a messy curly texture to add some extra edge to your new look. Use your curling iron to create random curls in alternating directions, run your fingers through the curls to give them some loose texture, and skip the hair product to keep your style looking natural.

10. Upgrade Your Curls

ash blonde hair curly hair
Give your natural curls an upgrade.

Give your naturally curly hair an easy upgrade by pairing it with a fresh coat of ashy blonde hair color. We love how the light hues make natural curls really pop.

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