Auburn Highlights: 24 Ways to Style Your Beautiful New Hair Color

24 beautiful ways to show off your gorgeous new hair color.

Thanks to talented stylists and the advancement of hair technology, even those of us who weren’t born as redheads can easily opt for a beautiful red-toned look these days. Auburn highlights in particular are a breathtaking way to wear this trend for a look that’s as warm as it is vibrant. We’ve created a collection of a bunch of ways to style your new auburn highlights, and this gallery includes plenty of color inspiration to bring to your stylist as well. Thinking about taking the plunge into red hair life and want some inspiration? Read on:

24 Ways to Wear Auburn Highlights

auburn highlights thick straight hair
Run a heat protectant through your strands and straighten them.

1. Straighten Your Strands

Wear your color loud and proud in a beautiful straight style. Spritz your hair with Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist and run your straightener through your hair for a smooth and straight look that takes just a few minutes to create.

auburn highlights thick loose waves
Give your hair a little movement.

2. Thick Waves

Show off your thick hair by wearing simple low-impact waves.

auburn highlights texture movement side part
Show off your color.

3. Texture and Movement

Draw attention to your gorgeous color by opting for a textured style that will give your hair major movement.

auburn highlights straight medium length hat
Use a contrasting color to show off your color.

4. Add a Hat

Wear a hat in a contrasting color to amp up the impact of your red color and show it off.

auburn highlights straight hair low ponytail
Gather your hair into a low ponytail.

5. Low Ponytail

Gather your hair up into a low ponytail and let a few strands hang loose in front for an easy yet adorable look.

auburn highlights side part low ponytail
Try the same look with a deep side part.

6. Deep Side Part

Alternatively, add a little bit of interest to a simple low ponytail by wearing it with a deep side part.

auburn highlights short perm
Wear your curls natural or consider a perm.

7. Short Curls

Feeling really bold? Make two drastic changes at once by dying your hair and getting a short perm.

auburn highlights sea salt waves
Look like you just walked off the beach.

8. Sea-Salt Waves

Add some easy texture by spraying damp hair with Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray and letting your waves air-dry.

auburn highlights natural looking curls
Fake that natural texture.

9. Natural-Looking Curls

Fake natural-looking curls by wrapping your hair around a curling iron in one-inch sections. Make sure to start at the very top of your strands very close to your roots to make it look ultra natural.

auburn highlights long curls side part
Wear your curls long and loose.

10. Long Curls

Keep your auburn curls long and loose for a super impactful style.

auburn highlights lob
A chic and easy to keep up with length.

11. Try the Lob Life

Get in on the short and simple lob trend for an easy and chic look.

auburn highlights light red side bangs
Use your gorgeous color to frame your face.

12. Side Bangs

Frame your entire face in your beautiful new hair color by opting for side bangs.

auburn highlights light red loose curls
Loose curls are an easy yet fancy style to create.

13. Light Red Loose Curls

Curl your hair but skip the hairspray for an easy curled style that’s perfect for fancy events.

auburn highlights easy waves
Auburn highlights with easy waves: It doesn’t get any easier than this.

14. Easy Waves

Apply a golfball-sized amount of TRESemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse to damp hair and scrunch your strands into these easy waves.

auburn highlights deep part bob
Try a short bob.

15. Go Even Shorter

Go shorter than you’ve ever gone before and pair your beautiful new auburn color with a short bob.

auburn highlights day three curls
Skip the shampoo.

16. Three-Day Curls

Use your curling iron to create beautiful curls that will last you a few days. Start off with tight curls and let them slowly fade into loose waves as the days go on.

auburn highlights cowlick curls
Auburn highlights: Make use of the cowlick in the front of your hair.

17. Cowlick Curls

Flip your part over to the other side and take advantage of natural volume by using your cowlick to elevate the front of your hair. Use your curling iron to add some loose waves.

auburn highlights straight hair side part
Add some extra shine.

18. Super Sleek

Straighten your hair for a super sleek look that will draw even more attention to your beautiful color.

auburn highlights loose curls
This one is a no-brainer.

19. Hollywood Curls

Hollywood curls are always a good idea.

auburn highlights light highlights waves
Super loose waves that make a subtle statement.

20. The Loosest Waves

Let your hair air dry into super soft and subtle waves for a sweet and simple look.

auburn highlights large curls center part
Amp up the volume.

21. Extra-Large Curls

Add a touch of glam to your entire look by opting for a middle part and extra-large curls.

auburn highlights faux red long curls
Grow ’em out.

22. Super Long Curls

Grow out your curls until they’re nice and long and rock a head full of auburn-colored hair.

auburn highlights curly hair
A lesson in embracing your natural texture.

23. Natural Curls

Use a dose of TRESemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse that we mentioned above to wear your curls in a natural and voluminous style.

auburn highlights beach waves volume roots
Auburn highlights with a great wave: The very best of a few different trends.

24. Voluminous Waves

Combine a beautiful lift at your roots with voluminous waves to embrace two trends at once.

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