Are Chunky Highlights for You?

The top five questions you'll need to ask yourself. 

They say what goes around comes around. It’s true for everything, from history repeating itself to all the way to hair trends. We’re actually super excited that chunky highlights are blinking back on our radar! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen these perfectly sectioned large highlights. Don’t get us wrong: The chunky highlights of today don’t have that stripey, dated, super high-contrast look of decades past. We’re into those subtle streaks that give your color a new lease on life. Read on to see if chunky highlights are for you:

Chunky Highlights: Larger Highlights, Bigger Payoff

chunky highlights for blonde hair
Streaky yet lower-contrast, today’s chunky highlights are more wearable than those of decades past.

1. How much color change do you want?

Usually when you think of chunky highlights, flashbacks to that early 2000s look of of nearly white streaks against dark brown hair appears before your eyes. (The horrors!) Back then, the high-contrast look was very much so in. Nowadays, not so much. The good thing is, you don’t need to get platinum chunky highlights if that isn’t what you’re into. Before sitting down with your stylist with the bleach ready to go, have a chat about just how much lighter you would like your chunky highlights to be. Show photos or a link to trendy seasonal looks if necessary

2. Do you prefer an allover color or chunky highlights?

The one major difference between regular highlights and chunky highlights is that the latter lightens bigger amounts of hair. Your average skinny highlights are intended to, at best, add more dimension to your natural color. Chunky highlights, on the other hand, may take over your whole look, which leads us to the next question…

3. Have you always dreamed of going lighter?

We think a lot of people have dreamt of going blonde, or at least considerably lighter, maybe once in their lifetime. If you already have a lighter hair color, getting blonde chunky highlights may give you the perfect lighter look you are going for. Instead of going for a bleached blonde shade all over, blonde chunky highlights on lighter hair lifts your overall color look. Your natural hair color will provide enough contrast and almost look like lowlights.

4. How do you describe your style?

One of the major things to think about before getting any type of highlights, including chunky highlights, is how they will look with how you style your hair. If you are a hair chameleon and always like to try new looks, or if perfectly sectioned highlights set your heart aflutter, then chunky highlights are a good choice! If sea salt spray is your BFF and you can’t remember the last time you touched a hot tool, you probably have a beachy look going. If beach bum is your style goal, look into balayage instead, for a more naturally sun-kissed look.

5. Are you up for the maintenance that colored hair, and especially chunky highlights need?

If you’ve never lightened your hair, you should keep in mind that dyed hair, whether via regular highlights, chunky highlights, balayage, or full, single-process color does need some extra TLC. You’ll need to take extra precautions to keep your hair from getting dry and brassy; especially if you are going for a bright blonde shade. We recommend spritzing hair with a protective spray like Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Toning Protection Spray after washing hair. It protects against breakage, split ends and the dreaded brassy tones that can plague those with highlights.

Whenever your hair gets extra thirsty, we recommend to hydrate with hair oils. If you aren’t into D.I.Y.-ing a coconut oil mask, you can always use Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil instead.

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