Red Hair with Highlights: 9 Color Ideas To Try

Go bold this spring with these inspiring red hair with highlights. 

If you are looking to take your red hair to the next level, adding in some gorgeous highlights can give your overall color some added depth and dimension. It’s a look that’s pretty high up there on the upkeep, but we think the payoff is so worth it, especially if you’re ready to go red! But if you aren’t entirely sure what kind of look to get, here are nine looks featuring red hair with highlights to inspire you to give this color a try.

1. Auburn Highlights

Great Examples Of Red Hair With Highlights Include Natural Auburn Lowlights.
Auburn lowlights gives your red some added depth.

If you are growing bored with your chestnut locks or your dark red hair, try adding in some rich auburn highlights (or lowlights) to give your look a smoldering finish. To get the look, ask your colorist to use a balayage technique for a trendier yet more natural-looking head of color.

2. Blorange Highlights

Blorange is a great way to style Red Hair With Highlights
Blorange highlights are fun and unexpected. Photo credit: @jaclynlacyhair

Perfect for lighter strawberry blondes, adding in some fun blorange highlights can keep your hair fresh and unpredictable. To get this fun color spring look, ask your colorist to apply a mix of orange, peach and blood orange tones together to get that peachy-orange finish.

3. Copper Highlights

Copper Highlights Are One Of The Best Ways To Dress Up Red Hair With Highlights
Red Hair with Highlights: Copper highlights look edgy and chic. Photo credit:

To give your red some edgy contrast, ask your colorist to spice up your auburn base with some brassy copper highlights. 

4. Highlighted Ends

Sombre Looks Are One Of The Best Ways To Dress Up Red Hair With Highlights
A sombré look can give your ends some serious color. Photo credit:

Ombré looks can definitely turn heads, but if you want something softer, opting for a sombré look is always recommended. To get the look, make sure your colorist places your highlights at the bottom of your hair, melding all tones together to give your hair that evenly blended look.

5. Plum Highlights

Red Hair With Highlights: plum lowlights
Plum highlights are dramatic and vampy. Photo credit: Dvora

To take your red down a notch, add in some plum lowlights to give your hair some dramatic impact.

6. Red Ombré Highlights

Red Ombre Highlights Are One Of The Best Ways To Enhance Red Hair With Highlights
A red ombre can take your color look to the next level.

If you love a bold ombré, ask your colorist to carefully highlight the back part of your head with a cherry red ombré color. This helps gives your hair a dip-dye kind of effect. But with all color looks, you’ll want to invest in the right color-care products. To maintain your vibrant color at home, be sure to use the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Shampoo and Keratin Infusion Color Care Conditioner to ensure that your hair stays smooth and that your color stays intact.

7. Chocolate Mauve Highlights

Chocomauve Is One The Best Wayd To Enhance Red Hair With Highlights
Chocolate mauve is a fun way to shake up your red hair. Photo credit: Hannah Edelman

Like vampy auburn and plum tones, unexpected chocolate mauve highlights give your hair a deeper multidimensional effect. However, to keep your highlights fresh and bright, you’ll want to wash your hair less in order to avoid the unwanted color fade. Try using a good dry shampoo to revive your hair in-between shampoos.

8. Orange Ombré

An Orange Ombre Is A Perfect Way To Dress Up Red Hair With Highlights
An orange ombre is ideal for lighter shades of red.

A reddish peach ombré is a great way to brighten up fair and warm tones with ease. Try out this tone on blonde hair for a new color that will really help your hair ‘pop’ this spring.

9. Ashy Red Highlights

Red Hair With Highlights can look soft and ashy.
Ashy red highlights keeps your red soft and glossy. Photo credit:

If you want something soft and natural to your blonde or light blonde hair, consider adding in some ashy red highlights to keep your look bright and soft.

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