Burgundy Hair: 15 Berry Good Color Ideas to Try This Season

Burgundy hair color ideas to explore this season.

While lusting over the popular hair color trends of the season, you’re probably forgetting some of the other cool options on the spectrum to try, like burgundy hair. A hair color that is so spot on this season, and probably one of the easiest red hair hues to maintain.

Burgundy hair can also help to bring out some of your most favorite features, like your eyes or your skin tone. There are also a variety of ways to play with the color and blend it in with other hairstyle or color trends that are hot on your radar this season. In a berry good mood for this new color? Read on to check out this collection of gorgeous ways to wear burgundy red hair this year.

Burgundy Hair Color: 15 Pretty Hairstyles and Color Ideas

burgundy hair with pink tones
Mix up burgundy hair color hues with blush tones for the perfect match. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Hint of Burgundy

Take a look, and then take an even closer look. This hair color marries all this season’s best color trends. A little bit of pumpkin spice, a bit of rose gold blonde and just a hint of burgundy. This mashup is the perfect combination for the edgy girl that wants to try everything out all at once.

burgundy hair with curls and black tones
Go from black to red with a subtle burgundy hue. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Black to Wine

In the market for going from black hair to something totally new, but still you? Opt for a burgandy hair hue that suits your skin tone, as oftentimes going from black to blonde or a light brown color can be too drastic. Burgundy hues like crimson, wine or currant are all great options for the fall season.

burgundy color on Asian hair bob
Burgundy with a classic bob. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Maroon

Turn your chic hairstyle into a vibrant look with some maroon. Ask your stylist for a single shade that stands out but also brings out your features. For a bolder look, pair up your new hair color with a fresh short haircut that works for the fall and winter seasons.

burgundy hair on crochet
Burgundy hues work creates a warm glow against dark skin tones. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Auburn

If deep burgundy hair color ideas like crimson, wine and maroon are way too deep for you, opt for hues with orange undertones, like auburn. For darker skin tones, check out our handy guide to help you find the best auburn hue for deep skin tones.

long wavy red burgundy hair
Make your eye color pop with a vibrant burgundy hue.

5. Vibrant Red

When it comes to coloring your hair, never forget that you have options. Find ways to make your new hair color work for you. If you’re dying to try dark burgundy hair but are afraid it’s too dark for the features you’re trying to enhance, like your eyes, opt for a brighter red at the crown and darker burgundy tones towards the ends of your hair.

long golden burgundy hair
Add a pop of shine via golden tones to brighten up a dark burgundy hue.

6. Golden Burgundy

Who says you can’t have a golden burgundy hue? If you’re looking for a cross between auburn and burgundy, this is a great option. We especially love this warm look for the summer season.

brown and burgundy hair
Mix browns and burgundy to create a warm and subtle effect.

7. Brownish Burgundy

A beautiful mix of burgundy and deep brown hues. To get a look like this, ask your stylist for ribbons of brown to brighten up the dark burgundy hues.

burgundy ombre hair
Play around with color trends like ombré to brighten up your look.

8. Burgundy Roots

Brighten up your dark burgundy dye job with a bold and fiery red. This season it’s all about going lighter. Go for ombré or dip-dyed ends.

burgundy hair waves
Make your color stand out with a set of polished waves.

9. Bordeaux Waves

Like fine wine, a Bordeaux hair color gets better with time. Other than having a great hair care regimen, another way to keep your dye job looking fresh is to keep trying your hand at new hairstyles. Recreate this wavy look on long hair using a flat iron.

burgundy hair with violet
Mix colors within the same family.

10. Burgundy and Violet

Mix and match colors within the same family. The look of this burgundy and violet blend is gorgeous without looking or feeling like it’s overpowering or overwhelming.

burgundy hair with blonde highlights
Silky burgundy with hints of blonde.

11. Burgundy with Light Brown Ombré

If you ever find yourself trying to figure out whether you should go blonde or red, do yourself a favor and pick both. You can have the best of both worlds. This light brown ombré on burgundy is a great example.

burgundy rainbow hair with highlights
Try a rainbow inspired look with dark colors.

12. Rainbow with Burgundy

Rainbow hair is not a thing of the past just yet. Revamp your hairstyle this season with a fun take on the trend and mix by rocking burgundy highlights featuring hues of violets, burgundy and black.

burgundy hair with bright and dark reds
A pretty blend of bright and dark reds.

13. Burgundy on Short Hair

How can you look at this hairstyle and not love the cut and the color? Talk about marrying two popular hair trends at once! This asymmetrical cut stands out with a pretty mix of red and burgundy hues.

burgundy long ponytail
Chic burgundy ponytail.

14. Burgundy and Bright Red

Want a bold change? Go for a super bright red hue with hints of burgundy tones to create balance.

Burgundy hair with ashy dark tones

15. Burgundy Mixed with Ashy Tones

This roundup has proven that you can do just about anything with burgundy hair colors. This year we are really into ashy tones like ash blonde for instance. But, how good is this ashy black/brown mixed with burgundy? If you’re looking for a subtle change, this is ideal.

Editor’s Tip: To prolong your color’s vibrancy, try switching to a color-safe wash and care system such as the Suave Vivid Color Shampoo and the Suave Vivid Color Conditioner. A styling serum applied after blowdrying, like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum.

We hope that this round-up helped you to find the best burgundy hair color ideas for you! After picking out your new burgundy hair color, learn how to take the best care of your red hair

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