8 Trendy Hairstyles and Hair Colors to Try in College

Switch up your college look by trying out one of these hairstyles.

Going back to school is an exciting time of year for so many college students. As you get cracking on the books, you may also find that this time is a great way to experiment a bit with your hair and try out some trendy hairstyles and new hair colors. Cool. Whether you have a flair for the dramatic (with your hair, of course) or are looking for a more subtle change, we’ve got you covered. From the latest in pink hair trends to waves and ombré hair, you’re sure to discover something perfect for you.

8 Best Hair Color for College Students

Read on to discover eight of our favorite trendy hairstyles you’ve got to try this school year.

1. Vibrant Pink Hair

best hair color for college students pink ombre braids
Add some flair to your braids.

Pink hair isn’t going away anytime soon and we love how this pop-tastic color keeps evolving. For the college set, try out a medium shade of pink (think bubblegum pink hair) that’ll accentuate your entire head of hair.

2. Daring Pixie

best hair color for college students blue pixie
A pixie with a twist!

We love the pixie cut as a way to accentuate your face as you lose some weight from your hair. Keep it sharp by trying out some spiky layers. Another fun option is to enhance your pixie cut with a bit of color, like blonde, that’s sure to brighten up this ‘do and keep your style looking refreshed.

3. Wavy Lob

best hair color for college students wavy lob
This is a chic and easy style.

If you’re not so sure about going that short, try out the lob haircut. This classic in-between style adds dimension to your face that we especially love on bouncy hair waves. Be sure to use some mousse-like Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Mousse Cream whose formula works to lift your hair at the roots, delivering a frizz-frizz finish.

4. Clean Straight Hair

best hair color for college students straight
Sleek and straight.

If you’re a busy gal around campus, you might want something super low-key with your long hair. That’s cool. Just make sure that your hair looks healthy a.k.a washed and conditioned on the regular to avoid greasy hair. Plus, a regular wash and care system will ensure that your hair is moisturized and hydrated. You can also run a bit of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum through your strands to add some extra shine.

5. Pineapple Hair

afro hairstyle mini ponytail
Play up the volume.

Mix up how your natural hair looks by opting for the pineapple hair technique. Essentially, this involves using a hair tie to secure your hair in place. Then, you’ll have a pouf hairstyle that you can rock from class to class with ease. You might find that you need some gel-like the TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Firm Control Gel to keep the hair at the crown in place.

6. Fishtail Braid

trendy hairstyles fishtail ponytail
Upgrade your braid.

College is also a great time to experiment with new braided hairstyles. You may have mastered the three-strand braid, and now it’s time to take your braids to the next level with the fishtail braid. This style can work on all hair types and textures as it adds some elegance and style to your hair. Master this look before class by checking out our fishtail braid tutorial.

7. Go Red

Trendy Hairstyles for College deep red
We can’t get enough of this classic hue.

We love the look of red hair, but it isn’t always easy to pull off. If you have the time go to a colorist who can help you on your journey to finding the best shade of red hair for you. This look is super cute with its orange tones and simple clipped hairstyle that’ll have you looking vibrant in college.

8. Blue Ombré Hair

best hair color for college students blue ombre
Add a twist to the classic ombre style.

The ombré hair trend is so hot right now and while we’ve typically seen that as a way to go lighter on dark hair, we also love it as a way to play with color. And this trend doesn’t stop with blue ombré hair, you can try red ombré, pink ombré, and much more.

Are you thinking about trying out one of these best hair colors for college students’ styles? Be sure to grab a picture of these trendy styles and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS!

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