Switch Up Your Hair Color with These Inspirational Pink Hair Ideas

Serena Norr | 23 April 2016

We are tickled pink by this fab hue. 

You know what looks great with those shiny new pink pumps you just bought? A matching shade of pastel, neon or bubblegum pink hair! Not just for rock stars and models, pink hair has reached our mainstream culture as women all over the U.S. are trying out this gorgeously feminine and adventurous shade. The beauty of pink is that anyone can try it since there are tons of options you can experiment with, like dabbling in highlights or going for a whole head of color for an all-over effect.

Whatever shade of pink you choose, you’ll need an equally incredible style to showcase the pinktastic new you. Check out some really fun and inspiring ways to rock pink hair:

Pink Hair Ideas

pink hair braided look
Rock this look with this cool blue/pink hair combo. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Long Pink Layers

If you have long or medium-length hair, dip into the pink hair trend (literally) by adding bold (or mild) pink layers to your ’do. If you don’t want to go that bold, you can even opt for a milder look by simply adding pink tips to your ends. If you hate them, simply snip them off.

2. Pastel Lob

We love a gorgeous lob, so why not mix up this classic style by adding pastel pink to your locks? An easy transition for blondes, you can enjoy this delicate pink all summer long and switch back in the fall.

3. Salmon Bob

Another light shade, go for a salmon-pink hue to coat your entire bob. This color will breathe life into your traditional ’do as it lightens up your face and softens a rigid length. This look, with cute pink bangs, is bound to turn heads.

4. Wavy Rose Ombré

Mix up your standard ombré with a lighter shade of pink like a rose. This can be a fun way to try multiple shades that flow from your ears to your tips as you showcase your natural hue, whatever that may be.
Bright siren waves: Go really bold with a bright, strong shade of pink. This all-over look will look incredibly put together as you channel your inner rockstar.

5. Pink Wig

If all else falls, go for a long pink wig where you can try out the look without committing to the coloring process. This is a fun way to test out pink at a party, or even at school where you friends will turn heads questioning whether you dyed or not.

6. Side-Shaven Baby Pink Hair

You’re already daring, and your side-shave proves it. Enhance this awesome look even more as you create geometric patterns on your longer side.

7. Pale Pink Angled Bob

If you have a modern bob, you’ll definitely need a modern color to go with it. Try a light, subtle pink that can accentuate your cut and style.

8. Gray and Pink Choppy Layers

We love mixing and matching some trends. With this look, you can play with the gray hair trend and let it ‘pop’ by adding in some pink. Go for highlights in your choppy locks, or an all-over effect.

9. Dip-Dyed Cotton Candy Pink

Blondes (natural or otherwise) can have with this look where their entire ends are dip-dyed with pink hair. The overall result is stunning and super chic.

10. Bubblegum Pink Strands

Take a gander at bubblegum hair over on Google (or our gallery, if we create one) and prepare to be amazed at the incredible collection of saccharine-sweet pink shades. Try out this trend by dyeing some pink strands throughout your hair as you concentrate on heavy highlights in the front of your face.

11. Pink Lemonade Pixie

Get ready for summer with an all-over dyed pixie. Since you’re probably used to making daring hair choices, adding some pink to the mix will be right up your alley as you experiment with a fun and cool lighter shade of pink.

12. Neon Pink Bangs

Instead of going for your ends, enhance your bangs with some neon pink color. You can play with the intensity of the color by highlighting few strands or dyeing your entire fringe.

13. Hot Pink Peek-a-Boo Strands

This look creates that peek-a-boo effect where you dye your locks underneath your hair. This is a fun and low-key way to experiment with color as you show your semi-daring side with a side pony or bun.

14. Feathery Pink Hair

Showcase your feathered and airy tips with some gorgeous pink strands as you create a modern take on this 70s ‘do.

15 Peacock Fringe

Show off your love for color in a full-fledged rainbow peacock. We have seen this as a combination of pinks, purples, blues, and even some orange tones as your hair becomes a human canvas. This look is not for the faint of heart where you hair will literally be on display. Make sure to pick a vivid pink shade to frame your face for this fearless look.

Which of these pink hair ideas are you going to try?