Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

5 Trending Alt Hairstyles to Try this Season and Beyond

Alt hairstyles are back.

Alt hairstyles are trending and here at All Things Hair we couldn’t’ be more excited to see this trend revival. Alt hairstyles are characterized by a range of alternative cuts and color choices that vary from the norm. Undercuts, mullets, colorful strands, and more unique characteristics set these styles apart.

If you’re thinking about trying an alt hairstyle, you might be surprised by just how many options there are out there. There’s truly something for everyone in the alt hairstyle realm.

If you are thinking about trying out an alt hairstyle, read on for some inspiration:

Need a new hair regimen?

1. Multi-Colored Pastels

alt hairstyles pink purple
Play with pinks and purples.

Play with a range of colors in the same general family by opting for pastel hues. Blend purple, pink, and a soft orange hue for a truly impactful alt style. We love this blend of a range of colors and especially love that this rooted look will grow out beautifully. Alt looks can sometimes be a little high-maintenance, so this is a great option for someone who wants to get in on this trend without committing to too many salon appointments.

2. Ocean Blue

alt hairstyles blue
Ocean strands. Photo by lena.lou__

This ocean blue hue is one of our favorites in the collection. This vibrant shade of blue complements the bleach blonde base beautifully! Keep your hair healthy after all that bleach by using Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Shampoo and Conditioner regularly!

3. Bright Money Pieces

alt hairstyles money pieces
Money pieces but make them brighter!

The money pieces trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we couldn’t be happier about that! Add an alt edge to the style by opting for a shade of bright blue hair color. Blue compliments brown beautifully and is guaranteed to make your base color pop!

4. Unexpected Color Blends

alt hairstyles blue green bob
Opt for something unexpected.

If you’re thinking about an alt hairstyle, chances are you are ready to have some fun with your strands. Consider an unexpected color blend and combine green and blue together for a pop of multiple colors.

5. Cotton Candy Mullet

alt hairstyles cotton candy mullet
This cotton candy-inspired style is next-level cool.

This cotton candy-inspired mullet expertly combines soft pastels with bleach blonde hair color. This look is all about an overall ethereal vibe and we can’t get enough of the beautiful blend of colors. Recreate the volume pictured above by spraying your hair with TRESemmé One Step Volume for Fine Hair before styling!

Are you thinking about trying out this trend? Be sure to grab a picture and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS!


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Need a new hair regimen?
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