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Outdated Hairstyles: 3 Looks We’re Hanging Up for Now

A little rest never hurt. 

We don’t know about you, but spring cleaning for us involved getting rid of hairstyles that no longer serve us. There are hairstyle trends that are cyclical, and there are those that many of us feel don’t deserve to see the light of day again. Okay, that may be a little extreme and to each its own, but there are many outdated hairstyles that need to be put to rest.

Everyone is entitled to their own taste and preferences when it comes to hair. Here are some outdated styles that we’re definitely hanging up… for now.

1. Rose Gold Highlights

rose gold hair color: Balayage
Go for a natural looking color job. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

We’re pretty sure this rose gold hairstyle will come back around under another name. For now, we feel we have moved on from this hair color. There are so many other hair colors on the spectrum that should be in the spotlight. Orange hues could use a little shine. Don’t you think? As you transition into a new color or back into your natural hair color, be sure to employ a color protection system like SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo and SheaMoisture Strength & Color Care Conditioner to help with the process.

2. Space Buns

summer hairstyles for long hair messy space buns
Take your beach waves to another level.

Is it just us or the space bun thing is pretty much over until further notice? We have definitely enjoyed the resurgence of this style but now we’re gravitating to more classic top knot styles. Switch your space bun look for a simple updo style instead.

3. Wet Hair Trend

edgy hairstyles for long hair wet look
The wet look. Photo credit:

We’re predicting that we won’t be seeing much of the wet hair trend on the runways or even on the red carpet within the next year. We’ve seen just about every single style you can try with this hairstyle. It seems about time we give it a rest and allow it to come back in years to come with a fresh new spin.

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