The Female Undercut: Long Hair Edition

Because sometimes you just need a bit of edge!

One of the coolest haircuts of all time is the female undercut: long hair edition. Giving you the best of both worlds, this haircut blends long strands with a partially shaved style. The good news about a trend like this is that you can create it with any hair type: Pair your undercut with waves, curls, straight hair, natural texture or even braids!

Thinking about giving this haircut a try? Read on for inspiration:

1. Side Female Undercut Long Hair

side undercut
Play around with a one-sided undercut.

Want to take the weight off some of your hair? Opt for a one-sided undercut. This is a great variation to a traditional undercut that still has the same effect!

2. Hidden Female Undercut Long Hair

female undercut long hair braided ponytail
Keep it simple with a hidden undercut.

Not quite ready to take the plunge? Consider a hidden undercut that’s only visible when you pull your hair back. We love this braided style because it allows you to show off your haircut and your braiding skills!

3. Edgy and Cool Female Undercut Long Hair

female undercut long hair side level bun
Try this edgy iteration. Photo credit:

Play it cool with a side shaved undercut. Leave the top section of your hair long and pull your strands back into an edgy bun.

4. Hot Pink Hues

female undercut long hair pink bangs
Add a hot pink edge.

Make this already edgy look even cooler by adding a pop of hot pink hair color. Keep your color vibrant by washing and conditioning with Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

5. Play with Color

female undercut long hair purple blue
Add a crazy pop of color.

Take your style to the next level by mixing a few unexpected colors. We love this pink and purple blend!

6. Fiery Red

female undercut long hair red bun
Try this bright red fiery combination style.

Draw attention to your new haircut with a fiery gradation effect.

7. Play it Cool

female undercut long hair dark brown bun
It doesn’t get cooler than this.

We love the effect this undercut creates with dark hair and a freshly shaved undercut. It doesn’t get cooler than this!

8. Bleach Blonde Female Undercut Long Hair

female undercut long hair messy bun
Go lighter than you’ve ever gone before. Photo credit:

This bleach blonde hair color is the ideal pairing for an undercut style on long hair. Throw the longer portion of hair up into a messy bun to complete the laidback look. Add even more texture to your tresses by misting them with Nexxus Between Washes Beach Waves Tousled Texture Sea Salt Spray.

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