Undercut for Women: Why I Decided to Get this Haircut on My Long Hair

Because sometimes even a hair thinning treatment isn't enough. 

Ever since I was born I’ve had a thick head of hair. Really, though! In all my baby photos I’m way too hairy. So all of my life I’ve had more thick, heavy hair than I knew what to do with. After trying every hair thinning solution with little success I decided to go for an undercut women haircut on my long hair. It was a fairly simple solution once I heard of it and learned more about it. Read on to see why I got an undercut hairstyle on my hair.

undercut with long hair and ponytail
Most of the time, you can’t even see it. Photo credit: Allison Schmidt

1. A thick hair solution.

It may seem like a silly reason to shave part of your head, but as I’ve mentioned, I’ve got some seriously thick hair. I’m not exaggerating at all and I even donated my hair a few years ago! When my hairstylist was trying to cut through my ponytail with clippers to create the undercut women style, he said it was like trying to cut down a tree. Yikes. Having super thick hair and living in the deep south can make you feel bogged down at all times. So with just a few swipes of a set of clippers that hair problem was solved.

2. Styling an undercut.

During the workweek, I don’t make a big deal about doing my hair other than trying to keeping it frizz-free and keeping my bangs styled. So that usually means a braided style or a simple ponytail. Either style shows off my undercut and I don’t even need to do anything that intricate. If I’m going out and I want to display my shorn hair, I’ll wear my hair in a big top knot, or take the time to style a voluminous ponytail. If I want to hide it away, all I have to do is wear my hair down.

3. Maintaining an undercut hairstyle.

Maintaining an undercut women hairstyle on long hair is really easy so long as you have someone to help you. Luckily my boyfriend has his own pair of clippers, so every couple of weeks he gives me a trim. All you need to do is pull your hair up and out of the way and buzz it down to create an undercut women haircut. Just make sure not to accidentally trim the hair you want to keep long.

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