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Fringe Facts: What to Know When Considering Short Hair with Bangs

First, there was the bob. Next, there was the bang! See how updating your cropped look with a short hair fringe can be a life-changing thing.

As every girl knows, deciding whether or not to get short hair with bangs is a pretty big deal (much to our guys’ chagrin). Although it’s something that can seem insignificant to some people, for us it can be as quintessential as finding your next signature hairstyle. Bangs can basically make or break your entire look for the next few months, so it behooves you to put a bit more time and effort into figuring out which type of fringe works best for you. Or, to put it more dramatically, can you imagine having a short hair fringe on a super-square face, or rocking short hair with bangs in a place with humid, tropical weather year-round?

tousled wavy short hair with bangs
Short hair fringe puts the eye and cheekbone area front and center. Photo credit:

That said, there are quite a few things to consider before committing to a fringe. If you think about it, it’s like having a whole new hairline altogether: It resets your facial features and also gives you more hair to think about every time you wake up in the morning. Bad hair day? Not so fast: That trusted ponytail or headband now has, quite literally, another layer of hair to take into the equation, now that you’re sporting short hair with a fringe options to boot. We haven’t even gotten into all the extra products you might need now that you have hair lying directly in front of your face! And what of styling them for more polished events, or keeping them unobtrusive while at the gym? Ack!

So, fellas, the next time you pooh-pooh your girl when she asks you ad nauseam about her bangs, it’s worth an active listen. If and when done right, bangs can be an instant confidence booster and a very chic style upgrade to a pixie, bob or ultra-trendy lob. What could be cooler than that? Scroll on for a few things to ask yourself when figuring out if short hair with bangs is right for you:

The Short Hair Fringe Combo: What to Consider

1. Face Shape

When it comes to short hair with bangs, it’s not, and never will be, a one-size-fits-all affair. Different face shapes require different fringe considerations. Bangs can emphasize or minimize a forehead, depending on length, which is why a micro-fringe that’s cut straight across looks charming on oval, oblong or heart-shaped faces, but can mimic the harshness of a square jawline too much. Or why a full fringe is almost always flattering with a softer chin, or why bangs with longer razored edges can do wonders for a wide face. First, choose which features you want to highlight (or hide), and pick a fringe length that follows suit. Check out our face shape guides for inspiration.

curly short hair with bangs
Texture plays a crucial role into how your bangs with fall, plus how they react to everyday weather. Photo credit:

2. Hair Texture

The second-most important thing to consider? Your natural hair texture. This can affect how short hair with bangs is going to look on your face, i.e. fine, straight hair behaves quite differently than a curly bang. It also helps determine how your bangs will wear throughout the day—whether or not they’ll go oily and limp, or will frizz out in 30 seconds—which will also determine any extra products you might need to add to your current hair regimen. We’ve found that a good dry shampoo (we’re loving the scent and instant revitalization we get with Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo), as well as a clarifying wash and care system, like TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Shampoo and TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Conditioner, help give bangs a clean slate for styling, wherever you are in the process.

3. Current Climate

Are humidity and frizz everyday realities for you, or do you live in a place where you’re stuck wearing a wooly, hair-smooshing beanie for half the year? As we’ve all experienced one time or another, weather does matter with hair, for better or worse. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a pretty easygoing “short hair long fringe” situation, where sweeping them off to the side solves most things, or whether it’s a full-on, high-maintenance blunt bang, weather is hair’s Great Equalizer. So in short, hair naturally absorbs moisture from its surroundings, so if you live in a humid climate and have curly hair, perhaps a short fringe isn’t a good idea. In some cases, like in cold climates where you have to bundle up head to toe, it even determines whether or not you get to show your hair off at all, which kills the point of a fringe entirely. Work with Mother Nature, or risk going mad with upkeep.

blunt short hair with bangs
Are you a wash-and-wear gal, or can you put in the effort for a sleek, immaculate blowout each time? Photo credit:

4. Maintenance

And on that note, we’re saying it now: Gone are the glory days of wash-and-wear. No matter what anyone says—yes, even the most chic of all effortlessly beautiful, non-everyday-shampooing French girls—it’s a universal fact that bangs absorb grease. They lie on your forehead, which can provide an extra dose of oils and sebum apart from what’s already on your scalp. As such, they tend to go limp quicker than the rest of your hair. And as handy a quick fix a baby bun or ponytail is, it doesn’t look quite as fetching with a few stringy strands peeking out and ruining the entire look. The short hair with  look bangs requires a bit more diligence in care and styling, and slightly more attention to detail (see #2). Otherwise, if you’re up for the commitment, bangs are truly a transformative look and have the power to upgrade a basic bob into more directional territories. Good luck, and enjoy giving your old look a whole new spin!

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