How Can You Find the Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type?

Go with the flow and work the style that suits your texture best.

Finding a suitable hairstyle for your hair type can be a difficult challenge as some cuts can be ill-fitting to your hair texture, making you wish you never even made the chop at all. For fewer beauty blunders you won’t regret, we’ve compiled a list of foolproof (and fashionable!) looks that are sure to make your list of must-tries. Read on for some of the best hairstyles for your hair type:

Best Hairstyles For Your Hair Type: 5 Looks To Try

Best hairstyles for your hair type include styles with weightless layers
Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type: Straight hair types should try cuts full of weightless layers. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Thick

To avoid the dreaded weighed-down feeling associated with thick hair, thick hair types should opt for layered haircuts, as they can help your hair feel much lighter and free of bulk. For a weightless style that’s definitely on-trend, be sure to try a layered lob cut for that effortless cool-girl look. While you could wear this style straight, wearing it wavy gives it a sexy and undone vibe. For a good styling product that can help amp up your waves, use Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to get a bouncy, beachy look.

Best hairstyles for your hair type include cuts that will show off straight and smooth textures.
Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type: Straight hair types should try asymmetrical cuts to best show off their sleek and smooth texture. Photo credit:

2. Straight

Straight hair types will definitely want to show off their naturally smooth texture, so opting for angled cuts is always ideal. An asymmetrical bob, for example, really looks fantastic on straight hair, as it gives your overall look some edge and drama. To get this chic cut, ask your stylist to keep the back part of your cut short, while keeping some pieces long in the front. Styling this cut is fairly easy, but if you want a product that will enhance your shine, use Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray to give your cut a glossy finish.

Best hairstyles for your hair type include curly shags.
Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type: An edgy curly shag is tough and chic. Photo credit:

3. Curly

Curly hair types can be quite delicate, so you’ll want to find a cut that allows you to skip out on the constant heat styling. For an edgy cut that helps show off your curls in style, ask your stylist for a layered curly shag. Add in some wispy bangs, and wear naturally to emulate that rocker-chic feel. For minimal styling, use a good curl defining cream like Tresemme Flawless Curls Defining Gel to help enhance your look.

Best hairstyles for your hair type include cuts with lots of layers.
Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type: Layers can help give your hair a fuller look and feel.

4. Thin

Women with thin hair should look for cuts and styles that help give the illusion of fullness and density. Blunt cuts (lobs and bobs) and pixies with some added choppy layers allows your tresses to look full of natural body and volume. Again, a blunt and layered chop looks great when styled straight, but wearing your style wavy helps give your hair a thicker look. To get that come-hither wave, use a volumizer on damp hair to create full and sexy waves.

Best hairstyles for your hair type include natural hairstyles like the afro
Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type: Natural hairstyles are making a well-deserved comeback.

5. Natural

Natural-textured hair is definitely having a major moment right now, so it never hurts to embrace natural styles like Afros, twists and braids. Being that these looks are more natural, you won’t have to worry about heat styling. However, breakage is still an issue, making it super important to deep condition and invest in a good silk pillowcase.

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