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5 Curl Defining Products to Try this Warm Season

Let those curls shine.

It’s no secret to anyone with curly hair that not all curls were created equally. While some girls have tight coils, others have loose waves, and many have locks whose pattern falls somewhere in between. Wherever your hair falls on the curly hair spectrum, you’ll need an arsenal full of curl defining products.

Curl Defining Products

Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite curl defining products and how they work:

curl defining products tight curls
Curl defining products give your strands the boost they need. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Curl defining products are designed to sculpt, tighten, smooth, and define your curls. They work by taming frizz without foregoing any of your natural texture and body. In general, they won’t make your hair crispy or unmanageable, but rather work with your locks to enhance your look and make your hair easier to style.

As a result, you’ll find that your curls will be looking and feeling their best. Curly hair can be somewhat temperamental, therefore it’s important to find the curl defining product that’s best for your unique curl type. Here are some of our favorites for each hair type:

1. The Good Stuff Curl Definition Jelly 

Those with wavy hair should certainly use curl defining products that can soothe frizz and that are lightweight enough for everyday use. This will ensure that your waves stay defined without getting weighed down. You will also need a product that will impart some shine.

Try The Good Stuff Curl Definition Jelly whose formula works to nourish curls adding bounce and definition to your hair.

2. Dove Amplified Textures Shine & Moisture Finishing Gel

Weather is usually an issue for those who have all-over curls. Treat your tresses in the morning with a curl defining product that can control your ringlets and help them resist humidity.

Try Dove Amplified Textures Shine & Moisture Finishing Gel whose formula can help you lock in your curls as it maintains their hold.

3. Dove Defrizz & Define Frizz Control Leave-In Cream

Finally, those with coiled curls will need a product that adds hydration and moisture to their tresses. Look for lightweight products that don’t weigh down your curls or flatten their shape. Also, look for products that can stand up to humidity as well as those that can revive any dryness or dullness in your locks.

Try Dove Defrizz & Define Frizz Control Leave-In Cream, whose formula can help make your curls soft and defined.

4. Nexxus Curl Define Daily Leave-In Moisturizer

Achieving soft and defined curls is easy using the exclusive ProteinFusion blend in this leave-in moisturizer. Enriched with silk protein and marula oil, this treatment replenishes and locks in moisture while helping to control frizz.

Distribute Nexxus Curl Define Daily Leave-In Moisturizer evenly through wet hair to define your curls with ease.

5. Suave Professionals Define & Shine Serum Gel

We like to consider this curl-defining product as curl insurance.

Use Suave Professionals Define & Shine Serum Gel to add easy definition to your curls. Apply a generous amount of the serum gel to damp hair and work it through your curls. Let your curls air dry for best results!

Curl defining products can help you enhance what you have and create a unique look that stays fresh all day long, so don’t forget to prep your stands with one of these before you leave the house next time.

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