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The Right Kind of Brazilian Blowout Products for Your Hair

Talk about giving new meaning to Goldilocks: Not too straight nor flat, the Brazilian blowout can get your hair just right.

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who’s never had to suffer through frizz or dry ends in her entire life (#unicorn), chances are you’ve checked out some Brazilian blowout products. We don’t—and can’t—blame you: The lure of perfectly smooth, manageable, woke-up-like-this, blown-out hair is pretty irresistible. And especially with our unpredictable summer weather? It’s damn near crucial.

But before you give in, some things to note: First off, Brazilian blowout is actually a name brand of one of the first smoothening treatments out in the market—yes, complete with registered trademark. The brand also has a portfolio of smoothening hair products for sale through their website. It’s also not to be confused with other (copycat?) smoothening treatments offered in salons, *which is why it’s always a good thing to double-check on those online deals to make sure you’re paying for the real deal.

Brazilian Blowout Products and Treatment Options

A lot of people have touted the Brazilian blowout treatment as a lighter, less-downtime version of a keratin straightening treatment. A Brazilian blowout treatment primarily focuses on smoothening hair and keeping it frizz-free with a definite shine—no chemical restructuring as in a Japanese rebonding session, and no 72-hour no-touch, no-rinse waiting period for the product to infuse into your strands like in your regular keratin treatment. And since results are less intense (they can last just up to 12 weeks max, but can probably wash out sooner depending on your texture and lifestyle) than other straightening treatments, they help hair retain its natural volume without leaving it limp. This is one of the reasons why women with wavy or curly hair looking to make their strands smoother and more frizz-resistant opt for the Brazilian blowout over other treatments, as they can still keep their ringlets and rock some major volume.

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Two to three months of smoother, frizz-proof hair (with volume!) is a 90-minute blowout away.

The process

A Brazilian blowout usually takes around 90 minutes, give or take a few depending on your hair’s density. It starts with you consulting with a stylist at the salon on your end result preference (to leave it straight or keep your curl—the treatment is very customizable) and then a special shampoo and towel-dry. Their trademark solution is then carefully applied to sections of your hair and then blow-dried through. The solution is then further sealed into your strands via a flat iron, a process then followed by a rinse with a specially formulated conditioner, a towel dry, serum, and final blow-dry. Like your basic, everyday glam ritual, only around 80 minutes—and 80 days—more amplified.

The right treatment for your hair type

The Brazilian blowout treatment is highly democratic since it simply aims to provide shine, smoothness, and a frizz-free finish without sacrificing bounce or volume—basically what you’d get, we suppose, after a professional blowout at your fave salon. It’s a process that’s fit for most all hair types, but especially noticeable on straight, wavy, and lightly curled hair that just needs more smoothening benefits rather than being completely straightened or relaxed.

Those with really tight curls (you may want to check out your hair type) and those with wavy hair super-prone to frizz looking to completely straighten out their locks might be better off with a keratin treatment or Japanese rebonding. However, those that are looking to gracefully transition from relaxed hair back into their natural texture can also look into getting a Brazilian blowout, which can help gently smoothen out new regrowth.

And what about women who can’t make their way to a salon? They can also try their hand at getting the effects of a Brazilian blowout treatment with at-home products. A wash and care system that mimics professional smoothness and shine, such as TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner and Heat Activated Treatment, can impart week-long, frizz-free results. Hairflip!

Would you go for a Brazilian blowout treatment?

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