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We all have incredible and unique hair types. From super-straight to natural hair to fine strands to curly locks: determining your hair type can help you figure out how to care for, cut and style your hair more effectively. With so many different hair types, finding your own can be a difficult task, especially when you also have to consider the texture of your hair, density, porosity and elasticity.

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Whether you want to find what your hair type is or just want to know more about different hair types, you’ll find everything you need right here. From detailed infographics that explain the characteristics of each hair type to expert styling tips, handling your hair is about to become 10 times easier. Are you a 2a or a 3b? Or maybe you have type 4 hair? Check out our comprehensive articles to help you decode all those confusing numbers and give you the confidence to determine your own hair type. (Hint: the quickest way to discover your hair type is by washing it and examining your stands in the mirror!) Still can’t decide which category you fall in? It could be because you fall into two categories. Whatever your query is regarding hair types, we are here to help give you all the information you need.

Want to know which hair products you’ll need in your beauty arsenal to care for your hair type? In this section, you’ll find product recommendations and styling tips for your specific to your hair needs. From curly hair types to glossy hair, using the right hair products can really help improve your hair’s health. (So don’t miss out the opportunity to make your tresses happier!) Here at All Things Hair, we want to educate and enable you to make the right hair choices, so that you can have great hair days every day.

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