Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Curly Perm Products: How to Keep Your Perm Intact

A strong dose of moisture is key to maintain your perm.

If you’ve opted to add texture and wave to your hair by getting a perm, then you know firsthand that while you’ll be rocking enviable volume, the quality of your strands can be compromised by the process. Creating a personalized hair care regimen that both defines your curls while restoring some your hair’s health is key after undergoing the perming process. Whether you’ve recently gotten a perm or you’re new to the curly hair scene, you’ll want to make sure that you use curly perm products to help add moisture and nourishment to your hair. Each of these curly perm products will do their part to keep your hair healthy, strong and defined:

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These curling hair products will be lifesavers.

We called in the experts to hear more about the perming process and how it affects our strands. Bailey Pope, In-house Consulting Stylist and Creative Director at TIGI Salon Unilever North America, gave us some insight as to what permed hair needs and how to best deliver. “To maintain curl-permed hair, the key is moisture!” Pope says. “The process of perming can compromise the integrity of the hair. A moisture-rich regimen will keep the hair feeling healthy, define the curls and control frizz.”

Pope suggests using TRESemmé Botanique Curl Hydration Shampoo and TRESemmé Botanique Curl Hydration Conditioner. This duo will help to give your curls the extra boost of moisture it needs for a healthy-looking bounce. The shampoo will cleanse and hydrate your curls while the conditioner works to deeply nourish your strands, helping them bounce back from dryness.

Need a new hair regimen?

Pope also suggests following up with Dove Absolute Curls Detangler. This detangler nourishes and strengthens hair for easy detangling. It conditions your strands and leaves your hair feeling smooth, strong and extra manageable.

Last but certainly not least, finish off with Suave Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Mousse. One of the biggest perks of this formula is that it won’t dry your strands out. This mousse will define your curls, leaving them super soft and easy to style. It also fights against frizz, which is a great feature in any weather. This combination of products will keep your curls strong and defined while adding some extra moisture back into your routine!

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Need a new hair regimen?
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