How to Create Defined Waves on Wavy Hair Types

Catch the wave. 

Wavy hair is one of the most diverse hair types. You can wear blow-dry it straight, create curls or wear your hair as is. For wavy hair types who want to wear their naturally, the drying process is a critical step to ensure that your waves are defined and polished a.k.a don’t look frizzy or dried out. Ready to rock those waves?! Read on to learn more about how you can score defined wavy hair today!

Wavy Hair Types Wave Survival Guide

wavy hair types wave survival guide
Get your waves to come out of their shell. Photo credit:

1. Clean your hair.

Creating defined waves starts in the shower. Wavy hair types don’t tend to have hair quite as dry as naturally curly hair, but it’s usually a bit drier than naturally straight hair. For a moisturizing (but not heavy) combo, use the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner. This duo works to leave your hair soft, moisturized and with some volume, which is helpful in creating wavy, defined ta

2. Add hydration to your hair.

For more hydration use a leave-in product, like the TRESemmé Make Waves Defining Cream, will not only help to define your waves, but to add in more moisture. Starting with hair that has been squeezed dry (not roughed up with a towel) scrunch in the cream. Work from your ends upwards to make sure you don’t weigh down your hair. Make sure all of your hair is evenly coated before heading in with your blowdryer.

3. Diffuse your hair.

If you’re into air drying your hair, go right ahead! You’ll still have a wavy result by following the first few steps. But, if you want to make sure your hair is super wavy, you need to dry your hair with a diffuser.

The diffuser nozzle for your hair dryer is the one that is sort of bell shaped with little tines sticking out. To start, tilt your head to the side and rest your hair on top of the diffuser to dry your hair. It’s what makes having defined waves really possible. It will take a bit longer to dry all of your hair this way, but you’ll get lots of volume and texture out of your hair.

4. Add in extra waves.

If you’ve gotten to this point and still want your hair to have more defined waves, it’s time to head in with heat. Prep your hair with a mist of the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. Using a large barrel curling iron, curl random sections of your hair. You don’t want to leave your hair on the iron too long, or you will end up with big curls! Just hold it for a few seconds. Stop when you’ve curled enough sections of hair to look totally wavy.

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