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Associated with being carefree and the most easygoing of hair lengths, long hair has maintained this low-key and cool reputation for decades. By flowing freely, long hair has the ability to be transformed into an abundance of styles, showcasing countless different looks and personas.

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With the “more-is-more” attitude, longer hairstyles tend to exude a more casual appeal. Some of the most popular looks revolve around the latest in pop-culture, including the man bun and elegantly tossed hair that’s pushed back to showcase the man behind the locks. Many men have been showcasing a more sophisticated approach to longer hairstyles, such as hair parts, comb-overs, and pompadours, which can be more easily manipulated and styled, allowing more hair to be utilized in the grooming process. In addition to the easy appeal of long hair, there is an added amount of flirtation that comes with long hair, evoking a romance novel persona.


So, if you’re looking for ways to creatively and quickly style your long hair, or just want to see how other gentlemen around the world are pulling it off, why not click through our galleries and find the perfect piece of inspiration to complete your look?

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