Braids for Men With Long Hair: 5 Trendy Looks

Yes, man braids are definitely a thing.

The struggle becomes very real when men with long hair often feel the need to update their style. Some guys with long hair would rather slick their mane back into a low ponytail or a man bun and call it a day. We completely get that. It can get confusing and challenging when you have to decide which hairstyle you want to try next. Why not stay on-trend and experiment with a cool hairstyle by rocking braids? Braids for men are hot at the moment you can wear them simple and casual, or you can try out more complex styles such as cornrows with funky designs.

Whatever you’re feeling, we have you covered with these ideas for long hair with braids:

1. Straight-back Cornrow Braids

Try straight back cornrows.

Cornrows are a neat hairstyle but may need the help of a hairstylist to achieve. Style your hair with five or more long cornrow plaits from the front hairline to nape. This style can also be achieved on long dreadlocks. Tie the braids together at the ends with a hair tie to secure, or let simply them hang loose. If you have a silkier hair texture,  secure the ends to keep the braids from unweaving on their own. You can really have fun with this style as you wear it to a formal event, for work or casual weekends.

2. Braids with Undercut

braids for men undercut
Switch things up by adding an undercut.

Give your long hair a fashionable makeover by shaving the lower back section of your head. You can get more creative and have your undercut shaven into a “V” shape to fake a mohawk effect—giving off an edgy and defined look. Braid the middle section of box braids into one French braid and twirl the ends into a neat bun. Show off your personality and rock this cool hairstyle anywhere you please!

3. Sleek Ponytail Braid

braids for men braided hairstyles
A braided style for men showcases your style as it gets your hair off your neck. Photo credit:

This is a super casual style for work or play. Instead of letting your mane hang low with loose ends, finish things off with a braid. Smooth with a styling pomade like AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade and place hair back into a middle or low ponytail and plait the ends with a neat braid.

4. Braids for Men, Ponytail Style

braids for men ponytail
Gather all of your braids into a ponytail.

Do you already have your long hair in braids? If you’re looking for a way to keep the braids out of your face, pull them back into a ponytail.

5. Man Braids

braids for men-half-up
Take a break from the man bun and try a braid.

Ditch your man bun and spruce up your top section with a braid or two. Since you may be used to slicking your hair back tight, give your hairline and roots a break with a loose plait.

You can keep it simple with French braids, or opt for a more complex braid. Some guys like to switch this look up at times and opt for a more effortless textured look—thanks to the braid(s). For a more playful look, release your worn-in braid(s) to reveal a curly ponytail, or let your fresh curly mane hang loose and wild. Before starting this look, make sure your hair is freshly cleansed. Use Dove Men+ Care Hydration Fuel 2-in-1 Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner.

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