8 Best Long Hairstyles for Men to Impress

Rock your long hair with some of these cool hairstyle ideas.

During the hippie era of the ’70s, we saw many iterations of long hairstyles for men on some of our favorite rock stars. Since then, men’s long hairstyles have come and gone throughout the years, and rocking this length is now seen as a widely accepted way to wear your hair.

If you’ve decided to continue growing your hair while in quarantine, you’re actually on your way to a #trending style. From long-haired braided hairstyles to man bun updos, it’s clear that many guys want to leave their hair long, but they also want ideas on how to style it.

Whether you want to go long or need some inspiring ideas on how to rock this look, we’re here to help. Read on to check out our gallery of hairstyles for men with long hair, as they’ll definitely help inspire your next look:

1. Curly Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair

long hairstyles for men grungy hair curly
An update on grungy hair might be the perfect look for you.

Go for an updated take on grunge hair by rocking your natural curls. The key to this look is to regularly wash and condition your hair to keep it nourished and hydrated. Try Dove Men+Care Thick & Strong Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner whose formula works to help men’s long hair look full and healthy-looking.

2. Braided Updo

long hairstyles for men braids
Have the coolest style on the block with these braids.

Want to rock the braided hair look but don’t know how to maintain it? No problem! Why not try a cool braided updo that you can rock wherever life takes you? Just be sure to invest in a good hair tie (no rubber bands, please, as these can snag) that won’t rip or tug at your long hair.

3. Grown-Out Beard

long hairstyles for men beard
Go for a “party in the front” look with a long beard.

Who says that long locks is only reserved for your hair? Long hairstyles for men can also apply to facial hair! We’ve seen tons of cool long beards and mustaches popping up on the scene lately, and we’re all for it. The key is to maintain and groom your beard and to get regular trims to avoid overgrown hairs, split ends and coarse strands. Keep your beard clean and hydrated by washing it with SheaMoisture Men Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Wash.

4. Afro

hairstyles for long hair men afro
Upgrade your look with this afro.

Rock your long hair with an afro. With this look, some guys can use a bit of pomade, like AXE Smooth Look: Classic Pomade, to help groom areas like the hairline and sideburns. Otherwise, it’s a classic look that only needs the help of the occasional hair pick for shaping and volume.

5. Extra Length

long hairstyles for men really long hair
Get the extreme style with extra-long hair.

If you want to go really long, then you’ll need to take care of your hair by getting regular trims and washing and conditioning your glorious mane. Just like with women’s hair, you may also find that your hair needs some extra nourishment from a weekly hair mask.

To give your hair some extra TLC, try Suave Almond + Shea Butter Moisture Mask. This intensive mask’s formula can hydrate your long hair, making it soft and manageable.

6. Classic Braid

long hairstyles for men braid
A braided style for men showcases your style as it gets your hair off your neck. Photo credit: Indigital

If you have long hair (or want long hair), you also need an array of hairstyle options to break up wearing it down all the time. Go for a classic braided hairstyle, or maybe you’re daring and up for trying something more intricate? Our braids section is a good place to start to discover the right braided look for you.

7. Braided Half Up Style

long hairstyles for men half up braid
Love your long, thick hair with a braided style

Another long hairstyle for men to master is this cool braided half-up hairstyle. Not only can you still rock your long hair, but you’ll also be able to showcase a cool accent braid—all while getting your hair out of your face. That’s quite the win-win hairstyle idea.

8. Man Bun

long hairstyles for men man bun
Nothing can top this classic man bun. Photo credit: www.farazessaniphotography.com

In the summer, the man bun really wins as a style to help long-haired guys get the locks off their necks. Check out our full man bun tutorial to master this cool look.

Are you thinking about trying out one of these styles? Be sure to grab a picture and tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

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